Business Needs

Hello and welcome to Goody lady. I enjoy helping other businesses to grow, expand and reach their maximum potential. You have a lot to offer, let Goody lady take care of your advertising, marketing (gardening) and promotional needs. If you are a business that provides services such as what is listed below, I would like to have you as a partner.

That is a short list of Business Tools that will help a business grow. I am HAND selecting specific companies to be a business partner with. If you are a B2B type of business and would like to be listed as a preferred vendor for business needs please email Goody lady for info and for the selection process. Now there may be a couple of the same category, this is because I like them, have used them or have checked out their rankings. Everyone has a different style that fits with certain people. I can help you get matched up with another business.

Since  spaces are limited for preferred placement, if you are not selected please fill out the form found on Companies and Vendors page. I have special Goody Lady B2B themed bags that I send to each company.

There are two options but no matter which you choose, all amenities are the same. Here is what you will get as a selected vendor for B2B.

  1. 125 x 125 button – You must supply code. This will be placed on my sidebar.
  2. Up to 200 word content about you and what you offer – You must provide this content.
  3. Your blog post will be reposted every 3 months on social medias and in emails, to remind businesses of your existence.
  4. Your blog post link is easy to find as it is placed on its own page for other businesses to check what you offer.

Your blog post stays permanitely on the blog, your button stays for the amount of time you have paid for.

There is a 6 month duration and a 12 month duration, which do you prefer?

Please Email Goody Lady to get started


Vendors Needed for Mother’s Day Gifts

Hello welcome to Goody Lady. We offer the best Goody Lady swag gift bags ever! Our gift bags are full of things for prospects to experience and learn about a product or service, you can also find coupons and other great ways for prospects  to save time, money, and gas too. Let’s make Mother’s Day 2013 one that MOM will not forget in a long time.

Join our special Mother’s Day Themed Goody Lady Gift bags.

Does your company offer products and services just for moms, including moms to be? Well let’s show moms all over the United States that you have an amazing product or service to help them through their day-to-day activities. Show them how you can help simplify their life, then they have more time to be a mom. Offer them coupons, samples, trial or full-sized items, even offer them handy gadgets with your logo on them.  Here is a bigger list of suggestions too. Moms can use so many things to ease their frustration of day-to-day tasks.

Who can you reach by joining the Mother’s Day themed Goody Lady bags?

  • Pregnant women
  • New moms
  • Moms who are or who have adopted
  • Moms  in general

Now let’s put together some amazing companies who offer products like,  and this is a very short list of possibilities!

There, that is a short list of things moms can use, although they can certainly benefit from many other different types of products and services. Let’s honor moms this Mother’s Day and give them a great gift to remember you by.  Are you a mom and reading this post? Please share what it is that YOU can use from a company whether it be a service or product. Let’s hear what you would love to get as a mom. Something that is specific to you for you to personally use, or even something you can use with your family.

How will Goody Lady Mother’s Day gift bags be distributed?

~ I advertise in many areas like of course all social medias, blogs, websites, word of mouth, daycare, schools, play-groups, and  business cards are just a few ways I use to get your company directly into MOMS hands.

Don’t forget that I am still running a sale please check out this post This weeks sale, well it was last weeks but I am extending it for this week too due to the great amount of interest.  Plus I want to offer moms a great gift just for them.

Companies please fill out form below to get started. Hurry Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

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This Quarter’s Non Profit Fundraising Choices

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady! Thank you for taking the time to come here and vote for your choice of different charities , causes and non profits. I really want to bring awareness to them all year-long. Their fundraising needs are not a one day, month-long or week-long event. They need our help all year round You can help by making purchases, volunteering and donating as well.

Every quarter you the readers and supporters of Goody Lady will be contributing and helping show love, support and help with funds as well.  How will this work? I am looking for your help in nominating different charities and non profits. Please comment below with who you would like to see funds being raised for.

For every single purchase you make here with Goody Lady a portion of the proceeds will go towards the charity or non-profit that got the highest votes at the end of the quarter. I will post updates on how much has been raised. You will find the raised funds amount in the top right corner sidebar of this blog.  Please feel free to post a comment to add your choice of charities and non profits.  Charity or non profits must be in the United States

Polls close on these dates. Most voted for will be announced as the receiving charity or non-profit on the same day.

April 30 2013, August 30 2013, December 2013

I will Post a picture of the check which displays the charity or non profits name, date of the check and more importantly how much you have helped raised by being a Goody Lady participant.

How much of your purchase will be donated to the charity or non-profit that won the vote? From EACH purchase made,  Goody Lady will donate 5% from EACH purchase. These funds raised will go towards the non-profit or charity. I will keep the amount raised visible on my top right sidebar.

Please vote below. Thank you

This Weeks Sale

I want to give everyone a very special offer! I want to bring awareness to Epilepsy.  IF your logo has PURPLE (any shade) in it, yes direct sales company included. I will not only give you 1/2 off your Goody Lady inclusion BUT if you fill out the vendor form by 3/28 I will give you an extra 100 FREE inclusions! Form must be filled out by 3/28 to get this deal. I am still also honoring the net 30 days to pay. ALL these sales will END 3/28 but as long as you have filled out vendor form, you will get all the deals. Plus when you pay for your spot by 3/30 You will be entered into a drawing for a free 100 bag inclusion!


Why am I offering this special deal? Why did I choose purple? I chose purple because of the picture above. I would love to get all non profits more awareness. They are not one day events, they are in need of our help daily. I don’t have anything purple, gasp yes that is right. I actually do not have anything purple. I will not be able to participate in wearing purple for Epilepsy awareness. However I am offering this special deal to anyone who has purple in their logo.

epilepsy facts

Epilepsy can affect anyone. It is quite scary to watch someone while they are seizing, I have witnessed a baby go through one, he is my now deceased younger brother. I have seen an adult having one too, not fun for them. I am CPR and First Aid certified.  I highly encourage everyone to get this done. You never know when it will come in handy. So please help bring more awareness about these things.

I will be posting a poll because I am looking to see who you think should get this quarters Fundraising. From EVERY Single Sale that Goody Lady gets $1 from every $25 will go to a different non-profit every quarter. Help me choose which non-profit should get the proceeds from each quarter. I would like to know who you want to include on the list of non-profit choices.

Get In On The Deal By Filling Out The Form Please.

How Do I Find People

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. Thank you for taking the time to come read some posts. Don’t forget to Request Your Free Gift yourself. Here is a Frequently Asked Question along with its Answer. ( F. A. Q. )

Here is a question from one of my readers. I am sure you have the same question, so I would love to answer this question for you.


“How do you find the people to give the goodie bags to?”
I am so happy you asked and I would love to tell you how I find people and events to attend to offer Free Goody Lady bags to.
I find people through many social media platforms such as  Face Book and Twitter. I advertise, market and promote my offering a Free Gift through the different social medias. My current business card, which links you to a blog post to request a Free Gift. Once my logo is complete, I will order the nicer, more flashy and fun Free Gift cards.
I attend many events including craft fairs, and other vendor events. I also attend many networking, social, leads groups and other types of events. When I attend these type of events, I have my Free Gift business card that I offer to everyone that I chat with. Some events allow me to display my Goody Lady bags and  Free Gift cards on a display table. People love free things so it is quite popular. Some of these events I attend on a regular basis, meaning the same people are there. I am booking events 90 days in advance for me to offer maximum exposure to unique impressions. What unique impressions mean is that a brand new person that has yet to experience Goody Lady.
I have on display my Free Gifts business cards at a couple of locations. I am always in pursuit of other locations to display a Take one Free Gift Offer that I provide. Please EMAIL me if you are interested in having this Free Gift Offer at your location as well. I am looking for doctors offices, clinics, fitness centers, hotels, banks, restaurants, bridal shops, children shops, coffee/tea shops, salons, and any other location that would love to stand out from the crowd by offering a Free Gift to their guests, clients or customers. I also have Goody Lady banner ads placed on some other websites and blogs too. Right now as of this date, it is being placed on the first page of 8 other websites or blogs. I am interested in placing more banner ads on even more websites and blogs. If you have ad space available, please use the email me link to tell me all about it.
I am a part of some groups like women’s groups, chambers of commerce, direct sellers groups and a few other specific groups. I offer them this service of offering a Free Gift. The more places, the more exposure the more successful this becomes.
I am out almost daily, except Sundays. Six days a week, I am out and about doing all kinds of things. I have 5 children so they have me attend different places, I go to the stores and malls too. I offer Free Gift cards to many people I come into contact with. I am going to start a challenge with myself, I may need some accountability partners to follow-up with me. This challenge will get 10 Free Gift cards to 10 brand new people I come into contact with six days a week. I have given Goody Lady bags to those in the drive through, they love getting a bag of goodies! I will soon start doing this at certain banks that have the outside shoot things, someone gave me that idea to send fun gifts to bankers.
Free Gifts are sent to people all over the United States. I can keep your products and services as a vendor to specific groups and categories. Please check out the different pages for more information on that.
Another way for me to find people are companies that connect with me looking for door prizes, goody bags, or some other incentive for their event. I have that as an option as well. So if you have an event, please check out my Event Page to get Goody Lady bags at no charge to you for your event.
I hope this answers this question for you.
If I have left anything out or you have more thoughts, advice or opinions please share with me below in the comments.
Thank you don’t forget to request your Free Gift

Can You Describe Me

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. I hope you enjoy coming here often to see what is new. I hope you enjoyed and had a great experience with your Goody Lady swag gift bag.

As I develop Goody Lady into a professional, fun and unique business I am working with the best people to help me do just that. I am working with different people in the many areas of business, by doing this I will help other businesses get the most out of Goody Lady. You entrust me to do your advertising, marketing and promoting. You entrust me with having a very important role in your success. You entrust me as your go to person to advertise, market, and promote your business. Most importantly that I am proud and honored to be is The Face Of Your Business!

Some of the people I am or soon to be working with are Ellen, Dagmar, Darby, Robin, Mike, and Jessica just to name a few. These are trusted professionals who have great personalities, ideas great proven track records and excellent results in what they do.

I get homework and I need your help with one of my assignments please. This assignment is crucial in helping me develop a better relationship with each person I come into contact with on both a personal and professional level.

  1. In 2 – 3 words how do you describe me on a personal level?
  2. In 2 – 3 words how do you describe me on a professional level?
  3. Do you know exactly what I do as a business, yes or no?
  4. Can you describe what I do in my business?

I want to thank you for taking the time to help me with each of these questions. I truly appreciate your help for me to improve both professionally and personally. Please comment below with your answers. I am keeping this public, it keeps me focused and accountable to each of you.


I Find These Tools Useful

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady.  At Goody Lady we want to make sure we give you what you are looking for. We want to give you a relaxed, fun experience. Please help companies ( vendors ) learn more about what you like to receive.  What kinds of things are useful and attracting to you? Please help us by answering this quick poll. If you do not see your answer listed, please feel free and comment with your answer.

What kinds of things can you personally use? What interesting things do you like? What will help you to keep a company top of mind? These are just a few questions to get you thinking. Companies have hundreds of options to offer you the best tools, but we would like to narrow things down to serve you best.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts and feedback. I look forward to your answers. Don’t forget to request your Free Gift.