Goody Bag Inclusion

Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so happy to see you here. Goody Lady works hard for your business to gain maximum exposure. I have an all-inclusive exclusive service for all your advertising, promoting, and marketing needs. Goody Lady completes all three tasks of advertising, promoting and marketing you in a fun, friendly, non compete and direct way using the swag bag idea.

Goody Lady Bags are more:

  • Relaxed
  • Inviting
  • Non Pushy
  • Useful
  • Better ROI
  • Never Bags of Paper
  • Exclusive and Non Compete
  • Allows a relaxed introduction to your products and services giving you a better follow-up experience.

How does Goody Lady work?

  1. You determine how much you want to participate. Goody bags are sold in 200 bag increments.
  2. Send payment through PayPal, keep your receipt for tax purposes please.
  3. Send to Goody Lady all the items you want to include. Must send in enough items for each bag you purchased.
  4. I take your items, take pictures of before and after Goody Bag is complete. I create a blog post about your participation. Blog posts are also shared in emails and all social medias.
  5. I personally hand deliver through events and while doing my everyday activities each Goody Lady bag to a person. If I am not hand delivering a Goody Lady bag, I am personally mailing them to those who request Goody Bags. I do collect their info, which is used to follow-up with each person to see how their experience was.
  6. I give you some contact information of Goody Lady receivers for you to follow-up with them yourself, personally. Best practice is Do Not Be Pushy, please respect people.  I do follow-up with each person for their feedback, please be sure you show complete respect to everyone.

Online Form – Constant Contact Signup Form


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