Nanas House Event

Goody Lady Gift bags will be found at this amazing fundraiser to help abused and neglected children. I hope to see you there, I will be attending this fundraiser. I hope you will help with participating inside Goody lady bags for this event.

Nana’s House Building Banquet Fundraiser April 11 from 5:30pm – 8pm

Nana’s House is totally funded by community donations and supported by volunteers. We hold fundraisers throughout the year to support our current home with 5 children, a second home opening soon for 5 children, and to raise funds for our future gated community for 40 children. Check the events page for our current activity. We also have a boutique style Thrift Cottage at 2540 Malabar Road, filled with housewares, kitchen items, wall decor, jewelry, accessories, and clothing for the whole family. We will be opening a second Thrift Cottage soon where we will have our larger items, like furniture.

Christian Children’s Home – 100% community funded (no State funding), 100% volunteer supported, 100% about neglected, abused, needy or abandoned children in Brevard County

Kim Frodge, Founder P.O. Box 500885 Malabar, FL 32950 321.266.3829




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