Can You Describe Me

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. I hope you enjoy coming here often to see what is new. I hope you enjoyed and had a great experience with your Goody Lady swag gift bag.

As I develop Goody Lady into a professional, fun and unique business I am working with the best people to help me do just that. I am working with different people in the many areas of business, by doing this I will help other businesses get the most out of Goody Lady. You entrust me to do your advertising, marketing and promoting. You entrust me with having a very important role in your success. You entrust me as your go to person to advertise, market, and promote your business. Most importantly that I am proud and honored to be is The Face Of Your Business!

Some of the people I am or soon to be working with are Ellen, Dagmar, Darby, Robin, Mike, and Jessica just to name a few. These are trusted professionals who have great personalities, ideas great proven track records and excellent results in what they do.

I get homework and I need your help with one of my assignments please. This assignment is crucial in helping me develop a better relationship with each person I come into contact with on both a personal and professional level.

  1. In 2 – 3 words how do you describe me on a personal level?
  2. In 2 – 3 words how do you describe me on a professional level?
  3. Do you know exactly what I do as a business, yes or no?
  4. Can you describe what I do in my business?

I want to thank you for taking the time to help me with each of these questions. I truly appreciate your help for me to improve both professionally and personally. Please comment below with your answers. I am keeping this public, it keeps me focused and accountable to each of you.



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