This Quarter’s Non Profit Fundraising Choices

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady! Thank you for taking the time to come here and vote for your choice of different charities , causes and non profits. I really want to bring awareness to them all year-long. Their fundraising needs are not a one day, month-long or week-long event. They need our help all year round You can help by making purchases, volunteering and donating as well.

Every quarter you the readers and supporters of Goody Lady will be contributing and helping show love, support and help with funds as well.  How will this work? I am looking for your help in nominating different charities and non profits. Please comment below with who you would like to see funds being raised for.

For every single purchase you make here with Goody Lady a portion of the proceeds will go towards the charity or non-profit that got the highest votes at the end of the quarter. I will post updates on how much has been raised. You will find the raised funds amount in the top right corner sidebar of this blog.  Please feel free to post a comment to add your choice of charities and non profits.  Charity or non profits must be in the United States

Polls close on these dates. Most voted for will be announced as the receiving charity or non-profit on the same day.

April 30 2013, August 30 2013, December 2013

I will Post a picture of the check which displays the charity or non profits name, date of the check and more importantly how much you have helped raised by being a Goody Lady participant.

How much of your purchase will be donated to the charity or non-profit that won the vote? From EACH purchase made,  Goody Lady will donate 5% from EACH purchase. These funds raised will go towards the non-profit or charity. I will keep the amount raised visible on my top right sidebar.

Please vote below. Thank you


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