This Weeks Sale

I want to give everyone a very special offer! I want to bring awareness to Epilepsy.  IF your logo has PURPLE (any shade) in it, yes direct sales company included. I will not only give you 1/2 off your Goody Lady inclusion BUT if you fill out the vendor form by 3/28 I will give you an extra 100 FREE inclusions! Form must be filled out by 3/28 to get this deal. I am still also honoring the net 30 days to pay. ALL these sales will END 3/28 but as long as you have filled out vendor form, you will get all the deals. Plus when you pay for your spot by 3/30 You will be entered into a drawing for a free 100 bag inclusion!


Why am I offering this special deal? Why did I choose purple? I chose purple because of the picture above. I would love to get all non profits more awareness. They are not one day events, they are in need of our help daily. I don’t have anything purple, gasp yes that is right. I actually do not have anything purple. I will not be able to participate in wearing purple for Epilepsy awareness. However I am offering this special deal to anyone who has purple in their logo.

epilepsy facts

Epilepsy can affect anyone. It is quite scary to watch someone while they are seizing, I have witnessed a baby go through one, he is my now deceased younger brother. I have seen an adult having one too, not fun for them. I am CPR and First Aid certified.  I highly encourage everyone to get this done. You never know when it will come in handy. So please help bring more awareness about these things.

I will be posting a poll because I am looking to see who you think should get this quarters Fundraising. From EVERY Single Sale that Goody Lady gets $1 from every $25 will go to a different non-profit every quarter. Help me choose which non-profit should get the proceeds from each quarter. I would like to know who you want to include on the list of non-profit choices.

Get In On The Deal By Filling Out The Form Please.


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