Business Needs

Hello and welcome to Goody lady. I enjoy helping other businesses to grow, expand and reach their maximum potential. You have a lot to offer, let Goody lady take care of your advertising, marketing (gardening) and promotional needs. If you are a business that provides services such as what is listed below, I would like to have you as a partner.

That is a short list of Business Tools that will help a business grow. I am HAND selecting specific companies to be a business partner with. If you are a B2B type of business and would like to be listed as a preferred vendor for business needs please email Goody lady for info and for the selection process. Now there may be a couple of the same category, this is because I like them, have used them or have checked out their rankings. Everyone has a different style that fits with certain people. I can help you get matched up with another business.

Since  spaces are limited for preferred placement, if you are not selected please fill out the form found on Companies and Vendors page. I have special Goody Lady B2B themed bags that I send to each company.

There are two options but no matter which you choose, all amenities are the same. Here is what you will get as a selected vendor for B2B.

  1. 125 x 125 button – You must supply code. This will be placed on my sidebar.
  2. Up to 200 word content about you and what you offer – You must provide this content.
  3. Your blog post will be reposted every 3 months on social medias and in emails, to remind businesses of your existence.
  4. Your blog post link is easy to find as it is placed on its own page for other businesses to check what you offer.

Your blog post stays permanitely on the blog, your button stays for the amount of time you have paid for.

There is a 6 month duration and a 12 month duration, which do you prefer?

Please Email Goody Lady to get started


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