Masterminding For Business

Welcome to Goody Lady, I hope your day is going well. I wanted to chat about business masterminding. Do you participate in them? I belong to an awesome group called Women’s Prosperity Network. This group is huge, all across the country with individual chapters. I attend their monthly masterminding luncheons and it’s just a great time.

I want to join in some other masterminding groups as well. How about a great business blog masterminding!? How fun that would be, right? If you’re participating in the UBC then we will be able to help each other even more. Not only will we get to know more about each other through the UBC and my business spotlight series, but we will be helping each other learn, inspire, encourage and grow with each other. This will surely bring each of our businesses to a whole different level, much deeper, a positive thing to move each of us forward.

You know it is too funny that this idea came to me. I just already been thinking of this idea and jotting down something’s about it. Then I came across a blog called Tarot by Arwen. She too is an UBC participant. I came across her link and I love to read my horoscopes and tarot, hey wait until you see what mine have been saying and how it has been positively true each time!

So Arwen’s post on Sunday March 31st is definitely right on target with what is going on in my life. I am an Aquarius, I was born February 17th.

Please head over to Arwen’s Post and read exactly what it says for Aquarius!! Coincidence?

Then check out your own while you are there.

Oh my gosh, BAM! There it is, I was already thinking and trying to put together a blog post requesting those business owners who are interested in forming a business blog masterminding series so let’s get started.

So wow, see now we need to get this business blog masterminding started. Comment below about topics we should mastermind about? What are your trouble areas in business? What is keeping you from moving forward? Lets work together and mastermind, here together through blog posts. Don’t forget about Goody Lady’s services that is also a step up to building your business.

Who is joining me?


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