Goody Lady Beginings P2

This is the second part to Goody Lady beginnings. Please check out the first one HERE.  I talked about the very first time I started with Goody Lady in October for Halloween.

So I started to prepare for the next fun holiday – Christmas. I love this time of the season. It is a fun time of loving and giving, my two favorite things. I get to enjoy the activities with others, which makes it more fun. I asked a couple of more people to join in, there were two different jewelry companies they went into separate bags so that there’s no competition between them, there was still plenty of Lemon Grass items, and Women’s Connection also joined in, then I had my own items from Scentsy and Thirty One. That will be another post so be on the lookout for that. I had a lot of fun giving out all the little gift bags to everyone. Between October and December I handed out almost 500 bags.  I happily gave that many fun treats to people and they enjoyed getting them. My sales increased just by showing them I cared enough to offer a free sample and coupons too.

So I highly recommend this service to all businesses, of all types old, new, big and small. The direct sellers and handmade is not left out, you are welcome to join. Nonprofits are wanted to join in too.

Because I saw that this is something that is working, it is generating buzz not just for me, but the other people who were participating. I decided that I can and will fulfill two different VERY things.

  1. Businesses need advertising, marketing (gardening) and promoting. They need to get out to as many unique peopling as possible to share what they offer to others.
  2. People want to learn about what is out there. They want to try things before they buy. People do not know about a product or service, unless it is presented to them.

Now people will shy away if you’re trying to sell them, no one wants to have that yucky feeling of being sold, so why push them? People however do like to try things out. I offer a soft introduction of your company to unique people. When I say unique it means unique impressions, as in you will not be going to the same people each time. If people have an issue and your product or service can help offer a solution, then they are open to learning about it IF they are not hurried, rushed, and pushed into a buying corner.

Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags

Goody Lady fulfills both of these so it is a win-win situation! A person gets to finally learn and try out a product or service; they can save money from those who offer coupons and gift certificates. This is done in a relaxed setting, such as their home and they find their Goody Lady bag in their purse, pocket or bag. People will remember a business if they have a fun, interesting, and engaging presentation. It doesn’t matter if your business is a Brick and Mortar, MLM, or you think you can only do home parties to earn money, or even for the network marketers. If you only offer a service, please know people want to hear about what you have to offer, except if you’re pushy, desperate, or show that you don’t care, and then they will want nothing to do with you, your brand or company. People want to feel heard, want friendliness, want to try things out; they just see things differently than what many business owners present.

Goody Lady does all of the above for you. You are in an all-inclusive, exclusive Goody Lady bag. You are promoted and advertised right here on my blog. I take pictures of each company that is participating. I create fun Goody Lady Bags. Then I go out and market (garden) them for you!  You can’t get that deal anywhere else. Plus Goody lady is friendly and inviting, and is not pushy.  When I am out at an event I stop as many people as possible, I ask then how their day is going, are they enjoying the event, and other conversational chatter. I say “oh by the way, here is a gift for you” I then hand them a Goody Lady bag that is full of goodness for them to take home, read, try out and be able to contact the business for more information.

How fun is that and Goody Lady does all the work. All you have to do is fill out the form to participate.


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