Freaking Fantastic Blogging and List Building Challenge

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for taking time to come check out this challenge. I am joining in on this interesting thirty-day challenge to help generate more interest, buzz, and seek more vendors to participate in Goody Lady service.  I can’t connect businesses and customers if I don’t get the word out. I love to give out complimentary gifts to people and in doing so I am helping a business grow, I am helping a non-profit gain and continue their awareness, and I am helping event planners create a memorable event.

This challenge will be interesting, I will be using it to seek vendors. Why do you ask and what is in it for the business? My business is all about helping to build other businesses. This is an all in one inclusive exclusive swag gift bag service. I create a fun, soft connection between a business and a person that has either never heard of the business or they have but due to not knowing enough, they say no. Something great to remember is sometimes a person says no, because they do not know enough, sometimes they say no because they have yet to try it, and many want to know that you care and they want to save money as well.

So here is your chance to shine, I will be posting about this thirty-day challenge, each time it posts I will get to help more customers learn all about you. When you see these posts,  I will be offering a special deal to those who act that day in participating in Goody Lady. This will not be an everyday posting, like you probably will see with the UBC posts. However it will be a thirty-day challenge to help me build a vendor list, as I continue to build my portfolio. It will be once a week, so that is a total of thirty weeks. This will allow you to watch it one week and get in on it the next, each time the offering will be different. I am sure you do not want to miss out, so be sure to join in each week.

The portfolio I am creating is to show businesses what I do for them, and how it benefits them in particular. This is to create a portfolio for me to use offline to show businesses what it is I do for them.  I know I have a testimonials page, however it is up to the business, non-profit, event planner and a Goody Lady bag receiver to offer their Goody Lady testimonial, it is an option not an obligation.  I would LOVE it, encourage it, and ask that you do please leave a testimonial on that page please. This helps those who are seeking online proven ways to get their business out there. This also helps consumers know that they will get different things to learn about, they will be able to directly tell businesses exactly what a consumer wants and needs. My portfolio in particular will have specific businesses, testimonials and other info in it for helping a business make the confident decision to use Goody Lady services.

Today is not day 1, this is a little teaser for exactly what I have in store for all you business owners. Please be sure to enter your email to get blog updates. If you would like to get started please check out my Vendors Page.

How and where did I come up with this, I didn’t Tiffany did. Please head on over to her blog to find out what this is all about, how things are done and let’s build together.

For this go round I am doing this challenge to start building my vendor list. Will you be joining in the challenge? If you are joining how will you be using it? I plan to do the challenge again, more towards July or August. I am open for topics and suggestions for the next time. Please comment below on what it is you would like to see with this kind of challenge, here for Goody Lady. The challenge is about building content for my blog and it is about building my email list, and we are supposed to offer something. So tell me, in what direction would you like to see my next challenge go? What types of offerings would you like to receive?

Please share with us below.


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