What Attracts You, What Is Your Shiny Object?

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, how are you liking the blog so far? Thank you for coming to read and respond on this post. So tell me I would love to know from you, what helps you in making the decision to attend an event, craft fair or even an expo? What plays a role in determining if you go or not? On the business side, what determines for you to decide you would be a vendor at any particular event?

This post is both for a business person, the one who creates, plans and coordinates an event, the business person who decides they will be a vendor at an event and then the most important person who is the crucial part of the event… The Consumer, The Attendee.

  • QUESTION: You have an event this weekend but none of your product/show pieces or cash & carry have come so your left with 1-2 pieces to show and a laptop. How about if all you have is your starter kit? You have less than ten catalogs and no stock. You can’t get your money back from the event and you don’t want to just “eat it” ….how would you utilize your booth to promote your business that day?

presentation skills

( photo credit to core excellence dot com )

What About You, the Attendee?

  • QUESTION: You are at an event, you are first making your rounds to as many of the booths as possible. You want to see who is there and what they have to offer. What draws your attention to someone’s booth? Is it the company name? What about colors, what catches your eyes? You take note of the booths, you scan the booth landscape, now which do you go to first and why? Do you attend an event with the intention of “window shopping” or making some type of purchase. What grabs your attention to buy something? Do you like to attend events because of the free stuff you can get, what about raffles, do you enter them all, some or at least one? Without saying any company names, what creates a situation for you to not even bother with a particular booth? Does more product on the tables draw your attention or overwhelm you? Do you like simple or fully decorated and full of cash and carry products pull you into a booth’s direction? What if the table had no tent, like most other do? What if they only had one to four items on display, what would you think and would you visit the table?

Scentsy Spoil Yourself Boutique Table

(photo credit www.spoilyourselfboutique.com Scentsy table)

I want to thank you for coming here and spending a few minutes to share with us from both the customers and the businesses point of views. It will be interesting to read your answers and stories. From a business stand point, this helps them create a better event experience just for you. Please share your answers in the comments below. Take a minute to click like and then share this post on at least one of the platforms.

Thank you for your time as we understand it is valuable and businesses really do care and really do want to make the most of each event to create a pleasurable experience.

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57 thoughts on “What Attracts You, What Is Your Shiny Object?

  1. Probably the greatest attraction is any motion (an educational or entertaining demonstration, for example). The greatest put-off is a booth that has its attendees standing at the front waiting to pounce on you before you can even determine if you have any interest. (At that point, the answer is a decided “no.”) The key is engaging the potential customer, however you can do that. Not scaring them off!

  2. I love free stuff and raffles! Oh…and food! Guess I love everything at such events. AND I love shopping as well…usually impulse although I do have more control now. 🙂

    • Impulse can be good. I have impulsed buy things and don’t regret it, but to certain things I have thought about before buying, I have regrets about certain things. Free stuff is always fun and raffles are interesting at helping you learn your odds.

  3. When I go to an event it’s because I know I’ll find some intereting things there. If it’s a show with old cars I go knowing I’m going to take some really cool photos and generally have a fun day.

  4. I haven’t done many shows (my business doesn’t lend itself to that so much) and having attended my business-related events, that “pounce on a visitor” thing mentioned above is the biggest turn off ever!

    • Yes I have seen the vendors with their fishing lines and the look of excitment when they see people, and I see them with their “fishing lines” trying to reel them in.

  5. I’m attracted to giveaways that are eco-friendly. A lot of companies give away stuff that adds clutter to the environment and isn’t really usable in daily life. Companies that are creative and environmentally sensitive get my attention!

  6. I’m really into all things purple (my husband says that the color acts like a magnet to me!) – turns out that many others do also… at my booth, I have free purple pens and purple wrapped chocolates – it’s a great attention pull and allows for good conversations to start!

    • Very good point Lisa. That is exactly why I offer this Goody Lady service to event planners/coordinators and vendors. It allows for that friendly conversational approach.

  7. I’m not a big fan of ‘cash and carry’, as when I go to events, I’m typically window shopping so I can do some more comparison/research later. Things that do, however, catch my eye are items like:

    1) Samples (if it’s a food or health/wellness booth)
    2) Swag – I love keychains, magnets, etc.
    3) Personality – When a booth operator is engaging and outgoing without coming across as desperate, I’ll stay a little longer and be more likely to sign up for their mailing list, take a catalog, etc., than I would if they’re disengaged.

    • Yes, I always have goodies at my booth, a giveaway and I use a mascot in hand as a converstaional piece. I carry my mascot and I engage with those who pass by asking about how their day is going, how they like the event, and what brought them etc. Then my mascot will hand them a goody swag gift bag. I just love to have fun at them.

  8. I like original items…I never stop by the booths that have big corporations, like Stella and Dot. I like a great deal, a little free piece of chocolate, and a friendly and not pushy person.

  9. What attracts me to a vendors table is the presentation. Are the colors at the booth eye catching, the wording in their signs, does it make me want to read, does it look like something I would be interested in. I guess the question is what’s in it for me (as the consumer) . Now what makes me want to participate in an event as a vendor, is the reputation of the folks putting on the event. Is this a place where many people come to purchase and learn new things? Does my business fit into the general theme or mission of the event. Will there be potential clients there who will definitely be interested in my offerings.

  10. I do like the popcorn idea, I try to stop at every booth whether interested or not just to give support. The idea of free things is great BUT I do not like when people stop by our booth and say “Oh is this free?” and then grab and go, rude in my opinion. so I usually do not pick up any free items someone is giving unless I am truly interested in what they have. I do not want to be a grab and go type person, just not who I am.

  11. There are several reasons why I attend an events from just going to have fun with friends, to finding potential customers and prospects. When I’m the vendor, my display shows the various aspects of my business and I always have something for the person to take, whether it’s a brownie or other edible treat or a raffle. Thank you for bringing all of the information together for me. It’s something to consider the next time I plan to attend an event as a customer or vendor.

  12. I attend events that I think I can learn something from or have an interest in. I participate as a vendor in events that my target market will be at. And, I”m drawn to bright and fun booths where the vendors look like they’re having fun.

  13. I am drawn to a booth by colors and the set-up also helps to see other individuals looking around in/around the booth! If a booth is empty I tend to not stop in. I really look at what type of event it is and will my business fit in.

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