Freaking Fantastic Blogging and List Building Challenge Day 2

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for visiting. If you are not a business, event planner or non-profit please visit this page to read other blog posts. Please head over to the post that offers you a free gift before you leave the blog and go about your day, I want to be sure you get it, thank you :).

This series is for helping me seek more vendors for Goody Lady Gift Receivers to experience and to help me with creating an offline portfolio.

Thank you for staying with this post, it means you are ready to get a special deal for helping me create my offline portfolio. In case you have not seen my first post about what this is about, please head over to The Start of the Series. I want to share with you some things I have been learning about.

This week I want to talk to you about something I struggle with ALL the time. I struggle with speech, so my pitch or thirty – sixty-second commercial is never what I practiced it to be. I can do so much more with writing, hence why I have this as a blog and not a static website. Plus how will I help a business out, if I am not continuously updating progress and other helpful tips and info.

Back to my troubles with my thirty-second commercial, to those who have watched me struggle through them and have looked past it I want to truly thank each of you. No matter how much practice I do it just does not seem to work. I will be starting to work with someone next month with this specific skill that I would love to improve on.

I have learned that no matter how good your product or service is, if you can’t deliver the message in the thirty seconds, people do not see you as a professional. Now to those who have looked past my speech troubles, and have taken the time to chat with me further, thank you for that. I can certainly get out what I want to through conversations, I guess it is the put on the spot commercials I have a harder time with.

I have read so many things to help me get my message out of my mouth, faster I have practiced tons, still do even on the way to an event. It just has not worked for me, I am not sure why. Which is why I am now seeking out a professional.

How about you? Do you have a hard time or do you not know where to start? Do you have a different one for the events that you regularly attend? How effective is yours, does it catch people’s attention or make their eyes roll the other way?

I was doing an exercise recently and I really liked it, since the way I talk in my opinion is I need fewer words that are more effective in meaning. So this exercise, sorry not sure where I saw it but this exercise I have been trying to come up with some great words that explains what I do, but in 10 words!  I may have seen this exercise from Darby and Partners, which is a great group that I am honored to be a part of and learn from them. Or I may have seen in with my business coach, Ellen with Business Resolutions, or even at one of the WPN masterminding luncheons. Those are the main places I have found to give the best anything business and they provide so much support and solutions as well. So I may have seen it somewhere within them.

So the exercise is create a list of 5 – 15 words that are effective at describing your business.

Immediately my mind starts wondering what words to write, should they all be on the business side of my business or for the consumers side of my business? I have no clue, but I will get this exercise done, I just might go ahead and do two lists, one for me seeking vendors and one for the receivers of the gifts. I see the benefit of both lists, so I think I will go and get that done. I will post about the lists later. I wanted to toss this exercise out to you to see what you come up for your business. What would you come up for mine, please comment below with some words that you think I should consider?

I really think by me doing this exercise, I will be able to come up with an interesting commercial, how about you?

So back to this portfolio and why I am creating one. I want something for offline use. When I am, at one of my networking events, or doing a one on one with a potential business or some other situation that would like to see how it works, what other businesses have done and how it helped them as well. I sort of will be using it as a testimonials for offline. Not at every networking event will I be able to bring Goody Lady bags with me, some events I attend regularly, like a leads meeting. My goal for Goody Lady gift receivers is to be as unique as possible.

If I attend a particular event each week and it has the same people in it, which when this occurs it is like for leads clubs. I wouldn’t give a Goody Lady bag to the same group, every week. I rather ask them if they needed more free gift or complimentary gift cards for their display at their office or place of work for their clients or customers. Remember Goody Lady wants to reach as many unique people or have unique impressions as possible.

So now for the deal you are here for.  Please fill out the form today in order to get in on this deal. You will have even more exposure with this deal for both online and offline, especially offline. Since you will be shown over and over to others, you will get your brand seen by different people. They are business owners, event planners and even non profits too. Each of you can possibly benefit from one another. Connection making is key to every business.

Who am I looking for this week?

Business that offers products or services in the Home Decor profession

I know for this category it can be tricky. Some of you have products that can not offer samples or trial sized items. Which is the normal qualification for these particular posts.  In order to help you and other businesses out with this I am looking for your MOST interesting, creative and engaging ways to promote your products and services.  You can help each other out by commenting below with your ideas, if fact that is what I would like you to do is help each other out.

In you doing this, it will help you mastermind and brainstorm together on different ways to help your business grow. Many of these ideas can also be used at events, expo’s and parties too. let’s get creative and learn from each other on different things to use for your Goody Lady inclusion.

When filling out the vendor form, please put into comments Portfolio Deal.  Submissions from 4/8/13 until 4/13/13 will only be accepted, now because not everyone will get into the portfolio, spaces are limited. Only those who fill out the form and put into the comments Portfolio Deal will be considered. I will add those businesses to a drawing and 1 business will be drawn for this weeks Portfolio Deal. All submitted businesses will get a deal, however it will not be the same deal as the  winner.

So who is ready to win a 200 Goody Lady Bag Free Inclusion AND 1 Free Link!?

Submissions accepted 4/15/13  12am – 4/19/13  12pm. Let’s help each other out. Fill in the Vendor Form to get started.

Winner will be chosen by random dot org and announced here on the blog on Sundays. Winners agree to provide enough items for each bag. You must also agree to the qualification of providing samples or trial sized items of your product(s). Unless stated in the contest about other qualifications as I do understand not every company can provide samples or trial sized items.  With your inclusion, you may also provide business cards, mini brochures and other promo items, it is recommended that you do. This is an US only business.

Please share this amazing opportunity with your colleagues, friends, family, up lines and down lines as well. There are easy share buttons below as well.

Thank you.


22 thoughts on “Freaking Fantastic Blogging and List Building Challenge Day 2

  1. I have done the BNI 30 second speech for a few years, and at the beginning it was very difficult to get the message out, so i would put bullets notes in front of me. Now i can talk to any number of people and be ok with it… What you put together will help you through it!!

  2. It’s awesome that you’re seeking out someone who can teach you a skill you realize you need. Most entrepreneurs tend to slog it out on their own, struggling for weeks or even years before they reach out for help.

    The best advice I’ve ever been given is “facts tell, stories sell”. Too many people try to tell everyone about their business instead of making the emotional connection through stories.

    Good luck!

    • Yes Christian, for sure facts do tell stories. And the best way to do that is ny actually using the products, to get the facts that create those stories. Yes over the past 5-6 years, I think due to the severity of my migraines, I am thinking that is what is causing the speech issues. The speech issues have only recently been an issue for me these past few years. I am used to it, and don’t mind except for when I need to get out my point. It is sort of like stuttering, but it’s not stuttering, but similar.

  3. I’ve found myself in the same situation… Thankfully, this is something that we are taught majestically in our company. The trick is into expressing in a compelling universal language; and more important, into tapping into your inner power, and expressing yourself from the confident, authentic space inside of you. That is what’s going to make people want to listen and buy from you.

  4. I do agree that everyone who has a business needs a quick “Elevator Speech” that is short and to the point. Good luck on your exercises!

    • Yes, I love what I do! I wake up excited and go to sleep excited to do this. Do you own a business? If so be sure to stay up to date with the blog. I will be looking for those that provide fun services and activities, so this particular blog series. If you know anyone that wants more attention to their business, please share this blog with them. Thank you

  5. Being able to quickly and easily relay to others what you do is so important. You’re right, people determine in about ten seconds if they want to do business with you. I’ve found that practicing has helped my delivery. And, it may make sense to have more than one 30-second commercial. Good luck!

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