About Goody Lady Swag Gifts

Who is Goody Lady? Hello my name is Marilyn Arriaga. I am a mom to five children. We have two dogs and two bearded dragons. I am originally from Boston, Ma. I moved to Florida in September of 2009. Why did I create Goody Lady? Read below…

Goody Lady was created January of 2013. I created it because I have noticed that when I offered free gifts of samples to people I had a better connection with my customers. I get to see happier people when they receive a free Goody Lady bag. Since I was already creating Goody bags for my self to get my products into someone hands to experience them, I decided hey, let me get some other businesses to participate and give a goody bag receiver a great experience. Goody bag receivers get to experience and try different things. Many companies offer coupons for you to save on products and services that benefit you. Many people, myself included do not know what products and services are available. This is a great way to not just learn about new products and services, but to also try them before buying them. Once you try different products you learn how it will simplify your life. We are all so busy with life, it is hard to get to learn about new things.Goodie Bags

Can you do me a favor? I would like to hear from you what exactly do you like to find inside goody swag gift bags. Please help us with your feedback with this Fast Poll Thank you.

If you have questions, please post them below in the comments, I answer each one myself. If you have a question, others do too. By you taking that step to ask questions, and me answering them it helps others. Don’t forget to request your free Goody Lady gift.

So I want to hear from you. What do you think about this concept in general? From a business prespective, what are your thoughts? How would you use this service to benefit you? What about from a customer’s perspective, what would you getting a bag full of things you can use mean to you? What or how would you think of a business that participated to give you an experience with their products?

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23 thoughts on “About Goody Lady Swag Gifts

  1. This is a very interesting concept. There are people who will only shop where they receive something for free (or they think they do) and then there are those who only shop for full value, and then there are those to whom money is no object. You need to select your tarket market and go for it!

    • Thank you for the compliment. This business is the best way to get your products and services into a buyers hands. It isn’t that pushy, salesy way that turns your buyer off. Getting someone to expereince your business in this manner, makes you stick out, they will remember that you took the time, energy and effort to truly think of the persons needs. Doing this gets you more buyers.

  2. I love swag! I think this idea is spectacular.. it helps get your business in front of people pretty constantly by having custom small items that the receiver uses.

    Where in Florida do you live? We moved to Orlando in September 2012.

    • Really? Awesome I am only 1 hour from you actually. I am in Bevard County. I service all of the USA. This service does exactly as you say, it gets your business directly into a buyers hands!

  3. This is a neat concept. I love getting samples in the mail…it’s like opening a gift! If people sign up, how often do they get a Goody Bag? Is it a one time deal, and do you request feedback on the items used?

    • Deanna, as of right now, you get sent a Goody bag once. However, I am looking into the possibility of having a reoccuring Goody lady gift bag being mailed option. Since the companies do change, you can get to explore different businesses each time. We would love your feedback, I have a testimonials page for those who get a goody bag to tell us their thoughts and experiences. I also do request that participating businesses also give us their testimonials on that page as well.

      As for getting things in the mail, yes it is very fun, it can even make your day too. Plus here at Goody Lady, you will never have to go through hoops and hurdles to get a Goody lady gift bag. You simply fill out the form and a Goody bag will be mailed to you as soon as possible, depending on availability of companies who participate.

    • Yes, it sure can work for all kinds of businesses. Please let me know if your interested in learning more. Please check out the vendor page as well. I am here to help you.

  4. It’s a good concept 🙂 I think it might be something more in-demand for businesses holding an event or workshop and that kind of thing. 🙂

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