Winter Break Kids Goodies

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. Thank you for taking time to come check things out. These goodies were a bit different. These goodies were for my son’s Pre-K class. It had some little toys, some Avon items that are in their kids line, and there was some candy as well. They went home with each child for the winter break.  Inside was also a small treat bag for the parents with some candy for them too, along with a couple of sample items for them too.

Goodie Swag Gifts

If you would like to participate in something like this, I do it for Valentines Day, ThanksGiving, Winter Holidays (I keep it neutral), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and end of year summer fun bag. I would love it if you can participate. I am looking for those who are a child friendly as this is mainly for the kids in my son’s class and he is 5 years old. You can offer something for the adults too, just remember for something like this, it is all about the kids.  I also give a Goody bag to each of the teachers there are two and the bus driver and her monitor.

What can you offer?

There are many possibilities. You can get some child friendly items and attach your business cards, samples and other things and I will use all of your items to create a fun gift bag for the kids.

Now are you ready to help make some kids pretty happy this summer? I am in need of your items to help fill 50 or more tote bags for the kids. Please click on the vendor page, and fill out the form.

Comment below with your own ideas of things you would like to see given to kids. Again, the possibilities are endless. Order things form Oriental Trading or Toy Smith, you can get them in bulk, then add your own touch to it, get them to me and I will get them to the kids.  If you sell kids products, or own or work for a kid friendly place, perfect, the kids will love it!

Thank you! 🙂


Goodie Bags


24 thoughts on “Winter Break Kids Goodies

  1. I would love to see less sugary candy and processed food items in goodie bags. In our home when sugary treats come home, they go directly in the trash. When I was a kid, those rings that when blown on made a vroom sound were our favorite prize to receive! The service you are providing is vital in the education of the masses that food doesn’t need to be a part of treating. Great post!

    • Exactly, I only added a couple of pieces of candy. Some peppermint items, a piece of chocolate and some sugar free candies for the kids bags. I like to focus on items the kids can have fun with. A candy is gone in 10 minutes, an object usually isn’t.

    • Awesome. I am looking for companies that are kid friendly. I would love to be able to provide daycares and some other kid places with some fun goody bags.

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