Rocking Your Business Card

Hey there how is your day going? Welcome to Goody Lady are you new here or are you a returning friend? Thank you for coming and checking out all about the business cards. This post is for both the business owner and a customer as well.

Are You Proud of Your Business Card?

I have heard many things about the topic of the business card. I have heard of the do’s and the don’ts of creating a business card.

What is your opinion of business cards in general

– from the customer point of view and – from the business owner point of view?

Now let’s talk about the purpose of your business card. I want you, as the business owner to share about your business card point of view, from your own business perspective, not in a general manner, but in your personal business opinions.

  • Why do you have a business card?
  • What is it’s purpose?
  • What do you hope to get out of it?
  • Did you design it or have someone else design it? (please no mention of whom you used)
  • How many designs did you go through before deciding on the one you are going with now?
  • If you have not thought about using business cards, why not?
  • Do you carry business cards with you everywhere you go? (please be honest)
  • Do you use every situation as an opportunity to share your business card with someone?
  • Do you set any goals for your business card?

Now I want to hear from a customer’s point of view on the business card topic.

  1. What do you think of the person who hands you their business card? How was the experience in the before and after moments of the business card transaction?
  2. Do you regularly ask for business cards?
  3. Why do you ask for the business card, is it out of genuine curiosity about their business or is it to save for a later buying date?
  4. Do you use the business cards as a way to remember about the business that piqued your interest?
  5. How do you feel about the design, colors, and quality of the business card?  Do any of these factors suggest to you that they are a business you would like to buy from?
  6. What do you like and not like about a business card?
  7. What about the business card provokes you to contact the business for further information to help you get the details you’re looking for  to possibly make a purchase?

Take a look at this video that was shared with me, it is a short video.

So what do you think about that video?

As a customer, how important to you is a business card? How effective is it in getting you to take action and connect with the business. As a business owner, how effective have business cards been for you?

So let’s have a business card talk…

Below using your own ideas, thoughts and personal experiences along with the points and questions above.

How should Goody Lady’s business card look?

For the business owner, what would grab your attention to check out or sign up to be a Goody Lady vendor?

For the customer, what will compel you to look at my business card and come to the website and request your complimentary gift?

Please share and rate this post, it is fast, easy and helps others out. Thank You for all your help, shares and comments! 🙂

I want to help your business out, Find Out How Here.

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How Do I Find Your Customers

Welcome to Goody Lady, please join in and enjoy the many conversations we are having here. Today’s post is all about how I find your customers. I am out of my house just about daily, except Sunday, that is my lazy and family day where I do not do much of anything else. I do look at my blog and do things with it, at night when everyone’s asleep. Back to how I find your customers.

I see people as a connection in some way. It is an interesting challenge to learn how I can help them. I like to watch people, their body language, their facial expressions, their tone of voice even. Even when online, I watch what they post, I take note of how things are going for them. Some people I send messages to, to help them come back to center if I have noticed they have veered off to one side or the other. I have even sent messages to some people giving them the link here to my blog that allows them to request a free gift.  If I see posts or replies that offers an opportunity for me to share that I can get them a bag of goodies, of course I share it with them.

goodie bags and swag

While I am out and about, I am always looking for an opportunity to share your business with them. I have a business card, but it surely is not your traditional business card, as I am not your typical type of person as you may have noticed. My business card tells them to head to my website link and request a free gift. people love to get free things. People like to learn and experience different things, even if it is the same product, but shown by a different person it can give them a different experience even though it is the same thing. It is all in how the product is presented to give a person that experience.

That is what Goody Lady is about… An Expeience

So how else do I go out and find people to grow my prospect list for you, as a business owner? I do it in many ways. I came across How To find Customers, if you have not read it, now is your chance. So as a business, how many on that list do you do – on a regular basis? I mean let’s get real and honest here. What kind of mindset are you in when you go to any event? I hear so many businesses complain about things are slow, or some other thing that is happening. I see some of them continuously doing the same thing, but want better results, how does that work? I hear the I don’t have time, money, or other resources, but have any of them sat down and wrote down all the negatives? How about putting positives next to those negatives. I do truly understand about no money, or not enough money, it even happens to me. I take that same “excuse” of no money, put it on one side of the paper or at the top, then brainstorm how can I turn that around, you would be very surprised with yourself what you come up with. I know I surprised myself when I recently did it. How are you reacting to your negatives?

Back to Customer Finding.

While I am out and about, I see some people with business attire on, some I can tell it is a small business or like a home/small business I wait to see if they chat with anyone around them, no … nothing! umm why?  I know it comes easier for some people, but for others it can be hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger. The more you challenge yourself starting at baby steps, the easier it gets. I find different ways to chat with people, there is always something going on within the surrounding that can spark up a small chit-chat. I started with challenging myself to talk to just one person a day, then moved it on up and for every three people I chatted with, I was handing them this free gift offer. Now I hand them out more effortlessly, I have not seen anyone turn down a free gift offer as of yet.

How else do I find customers besides the things listed on the how to find customers link. In addition to attending many events both business and for fun, I advertise on other websites, I even barter with a couple of people as well. I have a couple of places where my business card is displayed, though when the cards finish there, I will be changing how the card looks so it is more flashy.  I post on the different social medias and get anywhere between two to ten different people requesting Goody Lady bags – daily, that does not include event planners or places that would like to have a take one basket in their office or place of business.  So far I have been doing minimal advertising and promoting and yet the prospect list keeps growing.  I am gearing up for some major advertising, promoting and marketing campaigns to get your company even more exposure. Now I am in need of companies to step up, put on their Big Business Hats and get added to these fun amazing bags and get yourself some new customers! There are only 10 spots per bag, the minimum of bags to participate in is 200, this gets you into direct contact with a minimum of 200 people… offline! This gets you in front of countless amount of people online!  You have so much potential by using Goody Lady.

I want to give 1000 people a Goody Lady bag by September. Will you be one of the companies that will be a part of that?

I do many things behind the scenes to give your business as much exposure as possible. When you see yourself in the blog post, that is not the only time it gets in front of people, I have a system so that each blog posts gets circulated throughout the social medias multiple times.

Now let Goody Lady do all the work for you! Have more time for yourself and your family, after all isn’t that why you started your own business, to work smarter not harder?

I find customers for you both online and offline.

This is a direct approach to finding customers.  Give customers an experience they will not forget.

Yes Goody Lady help me Find Customers please.

Gift Of Freedom To Make Money

Hello I am happy you are here. Goody Lady is working on a special project. I am looking forward to you joining in. I want to not only help your business grow, but I want to help your business thrive, survive and grow into an awesome team! So let’s work together to do just that, grow your team now. It is the perfect time to start creating a team, or expand your team. The holidays fast approach and it may be too late in the year for you to properly prepare them new team members for them to have a successful first year.

This project will be all about growing or starting your team. Have you started a team yet? Have you already got some team members and want to grow it, or how about helping your team members grow their own team?

I have a theme called Freedom To Make Money On The Go. I want you to help spread the word that owning your business is a great decision. It will help families do more of what they want to. It will help build up self-esteem, confidence, help the economy and unemployment rates as well.

goodie bags and swag

Get your business featured as a great company to represent. Show those that have thought about owning a business can be done. Show them that your team is a great team to be on.

Starting a home business for some people is easy, others are on the fence. help them with deciding on what to do and who to go with, and show them exactly how to get on a great team that will help be supportive and help them become successful.

There will only be five different home business opportunities per recruiting Goody Lady gift bags. These bags will also be non compete, you will be the only business in your category.

Here are a couple of fun ideas for you to brainstorm on how you will use this opportunity to recruit people to your team.

  • Join brochure
  • Incentives
  • Compensation plan on one side of a post card and join my team with key points on the other side
  • What will you help do as a team leader
  • Recruiting games
  • Samples of what they will be selling

I am sure there are more ways that are fun and creative for you to take full advantage of this opportunity. Please share with us below other ideas.

So let’s get this recruiting project started. Click the button below to join in and grow your team.

How Many Recruiting bags
200 G.L.Recruiting bags $25.00 USD400 G.L Recruiting bags $50.00 USD

What Are You Currently Doing?

Advertising is usually a waste of money. If you’re going to do it, at least give yourself a reasonable chance of succeeding by learning how to do it. Good advertising is both a science and an art.

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady! If this is your first time here, Thank you!  I hope you can check out a couple of other posts and pages to learn more and see all the fun I create. If you are a returning reader, why Thank You so much for keep coming back.

I wanted to learn more about what you have used in the past for advertising, marketing and promoting.

  • So tell us what did you like or not like about each of those areas.
  • Exactly what did you do for advertising, promoting and marketing? Without naming the companies you have used, just share with us what type you used?
  • Did you create your own graphics or hire someone for your ads?
  • When it comes to your ad, how effective was it? If you created your own, will you look into getting a designer to help you? If you did hire out, how effective was your designer and without naming your designer, would you recommend them to others?
  • When it comes to how you decided to deliver your ad through advertising, promoting and marketing what would you change about it? What would you keep the same? What will you add or eliminate?
  • Did you measure your ROI? Return On Investment is important, and keeping track of it helps you know what works. How was your ROI, was it what you wanted, was it average, was it above/below then what your predictions would be?
  • For the areas of advertising, promoting and marketing, share with us your thoughts.
  • What is the value in advertising, promoting and marketing? What does it mean for you? How much is a customer to you?
  • How many times have you used the same campaign with the same method? How many times did you use a different campaign, with the same method? Did you use different campaigns and different methods each time?

What is the value of advertising, promoting and marketing?

Now at the beginning of this post, the quote above, what do you think of that? What are your thoughts on just the quote alone? What about your answers alone?

  1. Between that quote and your answers to the questions above, has anything spoken to you from it all?
  2. Did you find any similarities between anything?
  3. What is one thing that stuck out the most?
  4. Have you explored all your options for advertising, marketing and promoting? If so, without naming companies, what have you explored?

The purpose of this post is for each of us to share with each other our experiences in these three areas of advertising, promoting and marketing. We want to learn both the pro’s and con’s that you personally have experienced as a business owner for your own business. Business owners want to hear from other business owners what worked for another business owner, they don’t want to hear from the advertising, promoting, or marketing publishing companies. They want to hear real business life experiences.

Goodie Bags

I know Goody Lady takes special care of each of these areas both online and offline. I know it works because I see it here in the behind the scenes and I see results in my own Direct Sales company. I use Goody Lady to advertise, promote and market the product lines I represent and I see such an increase in sales and opportunity. I will share my own answers to everything below, in the comments section just like you. So let’s talk about it.

I created Goody Lady to allow other businesses to get an even better ROI than what you have received in the past. Goody Lady services does work, it works exactly as I tell others how it does. Goody Lady is the best way to complete all three areas/tasks and it does it for both online and offline! Let me show you exactly how it works and I will give you a special discount below, available by reading this post only. So thank you for staying, and more importantly thank you for sharing your experiences below.  Please feel free to add anything below and ask questions as well.

Goody Lady does all this and more…

  • Advertise
  • Promote
  • Market
  • measurable
  • Direct
  • Adds Value to buyers/customers
  • Memorable
  • Experience
  • Increases awareness
  • Improves buyer/customer experience
  • Improves and increases a measurable ROI
  • Online
  • Offline

I want you to experience Goody Lady services right now.  Just for reading this post and helping us by joining in on the conversation below, I want to  give you a special rate. I also want you to share this with others as well, it is easy, use the sharing buttons below. How do you rate this post, show me by using the stars for your rating. Thank you bunches! 🙂

Ready to get your business started?

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