What Are You Currently Doing?

Advertising is usually a waste of money. If you’re going to do it, at least give yourself a reasonable chance of succeeding by learning how to do it. Good advertising is both a science and an art.

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady! If this is your first time here, Thank you!  I hope you can check out a couple of other posts and pages to learn more and see all the fun I create. If you are a returning reader, why Thank You so much for keep coming back.

I wanted to learn more about what you have used in the past for advertising, marketing and promoting.

  • So tell us what did you like or not like about each of those areas.
  • Exactly what did you do for advertising, promoting and marketing? Without naming the companies you have used, just share with us what type you used?
  • Did you create your own graphics or hire someone for your ads?
  • When it comes to your ad, how effective was it? If you created your own, will you look into getting a designer to help you? If you did hire out, how effective was your designer and without naming your designer, would you recommend them to others?
  • When it comes to how you decided to deliver your ad through advertising, promoting and marketing what would you change about it? What would you keep the same? What will you add or eliminate?
  • Did you measure your ROI? Return On Investment is important, and keeping track of it helps you know what works. How was your ROI, was it what you wanted, was it average, was it above/below then what your predictions would be?
  • For the areas of advertising, promoting and marketing, share with us your thoughts.
  • What is the value in advertising, promoting and marketing? What does it mean for you? How much is a customer to you?
  • How many times have you used the same campaign with the same method? How many times did you use a different campaign, with the same method? Did you use different campaigns and different methods each time?

What is the value of advertising, promoting and marketing?

Now at the beginning of this post, the quote above, what do you think of that? What are your thoughts on just the quote alone? What about your answers alone?

  1. Between that quote and your answers to the questions above, has anything spoken to you from it all?
  2. Did you find any similarities between anything?
  3. What is one thing that stuck out the most?
  4. Have you explored all your options for advertising, marketing and promoting? If so, without naming companies, what have you explored?

The purpose of this post is for each of us to share with each other our experiences in these three areas of advertising, promoting and marketing. We want to learn both the pro’s and con’s that you personally have experienced as a business owner for your own business. Business owners want to hear from other business owners what worked for another business owner, they don’t want to hear from the advertising, promoting, or marketing publishing companies. They want to hear real business life experiences.

Goodie Bags

I know Goody Lady takes special care of each of these areas both online and offline. I know it works because I see it here in the behind the scenes and I see results in my own Direct Sales company. I use Goody Lady to advertise, promote and market the product lines I represent and I see such an increase in sales and opportunity. I will share my own answers to everything below, in the comments section just like you. So let’s talk about it.

I created Goody Lady to allow other businesses to get an even better ROI than what you have received in the past. Goody Lady services does work, it works exactly as I tell others how it does. Goody Lady is the best way to complete all three areas/tasks and it does it for both online and offline! Let me show you exactly how it works and I will give you a special discount below, available by reading this post only. So thank you for staying, and more importantly thank you for sharing your experiences below.  Please feel free to add anything below and ask questions as well.

Goody Lady does all this and more…

  • Advertise
  • Promote
  • Market
  • measurable
  • Direct
  • Adds Value to buyers/customers
  • Memorable
  • Experience
  • Increases awareness
  • Improves buyer/customer experience
  • Improves and increases a measurable ROI
  • Online
  • Offline

I want you to experience Goody Lady services right now.  Just for reading this post and helping us by joining in on the conversation below, I want to  give you a special rate. I also want you to share this with others as well, it is easy, use the sharing buttons below. How do you rate this post, show me by using the stars for your rating. Thank you bunches! 🙂

Ready to get your business started?

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23 thoughts on “What Are You Currently Doing?

  1. As an author trying to build a platform, I find it hard to even begin to fathom where to get started, but little by little I am learning the ropes.

  2. Great article! Marketing has always been an uphill battle for me. Many failed campaigns. Thank God for referrals and repeat business. To me, it all boils down to how you treat your current customers. They are your best advertisement!

    • Yes that is what it boils down to. The experience that the customer gets. That is exactly what Goody Lady does for businesses, gets them new customers with their first encounter an experience, which is something they will remember.

  3. Excellent info! I track everything in my marketing – split testing for effectiveness, cost per lead, lifetime value of a customer, etc.

  4. I can tell if I get too busy taking care of clients and not keep up with networking and marketing….calls drop within a month.

  5. Right now I’m concerned about putting key words (meta tags?) in the right places on my website. I’m in a highly very highly competitive field on the Internet (the third most searched listing) and there are milions of listings, most of which are NOT real local businesses but are “order takers” that steal customers and orders from our real brick and mortar stores. Several times a day (including today) I get emails from people telling me they can help my SEO and I get at least 3 phone calls a day from someone purporting to be google who says they can put me on the first page. But in truth, where I need to be is the second page (1st page would be great but I can’t afford pay per click) in the organic listings. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. What can I give you in return? Well, fresh flowers, of course…!!

    • I hear you on that! Video marketing is where it is at. Now i am not sure about your profession, but making some videos will help you gain recognition. Start small, like an intro video. Then move onto maybe a video of you preparing an arrangment. I too am working on videos myself. i do know what you mean about the unwanted emails and such for that SEO thing, but really tell them to go away, they are taking and sapping time from you. i see it, and delete, I do not even give them a second of my time. you are right that some of the 1st page on google are paid, however that isn’t the case for all of them that show up there. I want to introduce you to someone I know that can better help you with this. Actually i know many that i personally look to and personally recommend, I don’t get anything form it, just passing on connections. I pay things forward.

    • Hi Marilyn Arriaga was so nice to let me know you are looking for SEO advice. I am Dagmar Gatell, an international SEO expert and belong to the same Women’s Prosperity Network as Marilyn. Being in a highly competitive field on the Internet is for sure a challenging position. And yes, spammers can be found there for sure too. Doing white head SEO (meaning the ethical way) and setting your website up with high valuable content others like are for sure main keys in your long term online success. I have a good post about what it means to be on the first search engine results page http://dagmargatell.com/first-search-engine-results-page/ Check it out and please let me know if you have further questions. All the best for your personal and business ventures!

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