Rocking Your Business Card

Hey there how is your day going? Welcome to Goody Lady are you new here or are you a returning friend? Thank you for coming and checking out all about the business cards. This post is for both the business owner and a customer as well.

Are You Proud of Your Business Card?

I have heard many things about the topic of the business card. I have heard of the do’s and the don’ts of creating a business card.

What is your opinion of business cards in general

– from the customer point of view and – from the business owner point of view?

Now let’s talk about the purpose of your business card. I want you, as the business owner to share about your business card point of view, from your own business perspective, not in a general manner, but in your personal business opinions.

  • Why do you have a business card?
  • What is it’s purpose?
  • What do you hope to get out of it?
  • Did you design it or have someone else design it? (please no mention of whom you used)
  • How many designs did you go through before deciding on the one you are going with now?
  • If you have not thought about using business cards, why not?
  • Do you carry business cards with you everywhere you go? (please be honest)
  • Do you use every situation as an opportunity to share your business card with someone?
  • Do you set any goals for your business card?

Now I want to hear from a customer’s point of view on the business card topic.

  1. What do you think of the person who hands you their business card? How was the experience in the before and after moments of the business card transaction?
  2. Do you regularly ask for business cards?
  3. Why do you ask for the business card, is it out of genuine curiosity about their business or is it to save for a later buying date?
  4. Do you use the business cards as a way to remember about the business that piqued your interest?
  5. How do you feel about the design, colors, and quality of the business card?  Do any of these factors suggest to you that they are a business you would like to buy from?
  6. What do you like and not like about a business card?
  7. What about the business card provokes you to contact the business for further information to help you get the details you’re looking for  to possibly make a purchase?

Take a look at this video that was shared with me, it is a short video.

So what do you think about that video?

As a customer, how important to you is a business card? How effective is it in getting you to take action and connect with the business. As a business owner, how effective have business cards been for you?

So let’s have a business card talk…

Below using your own ideas, thoughts and personal experiences along with the points and questions above.

How should Goody Lady’s business card look?

For the business owner, what would grab your attention to check out or sign up to be a Goody Lady vendor?

For the customer, what will compel you to look at my business card and come to the website and request your complimentary gift?

Please share and rate this post, it is fast, easy and helps others out. Thank You for all your help, shares and comments! 🙂

I want to help your business out, Find Out How Here.

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