About Overview

Welcome to Goody Lady! Here is an over view of exactly what you will get as a business, as an event planner or coordinator or as a non profit. Goody Lady works hard to make sure that the services that are provided are of top notch care and service.

goodie bags and swag

Goody Lady directly gets your United States only based business, event or non profit into direct contact with people across the United States both online and offline.

What exactly is it that you get as a participant of Goody Lady Package? This is the same exact package everyone gets.

  • Inclusive
  • Exclusive
  • Limited to ten businesses per bag
  • Just send in your items, I do the rest.
  • Promoting in different ways both online and offline.
  • Advertising in different ways both online and offline.
  • Marketing (gardening) different ways mainly offline that gets your items directly into a persons hands. I personally mail it to someone who requested a Goody Lady bag or they are distributed at various events.
  • Distribution
  • Your business, event or non profit mentioned in a blog post.
  • Your business, event or non profit mentioned on various social medias.
  • Optional link and sponsorship upgrades.
  • Your choice of general interest, themed  or catagories of bag options.
  • Regular updates of how many Goody Lady gift bags were sent either by directly mailed to recipiant or given to a recipiant at an event.

I am an event planner or coordinator, how does it work?

As an event planner or coordinator, you have two choices.

  1. One choice is for those events that do not have their own vendors, but want to provide a fun take home gift for their event guests. Goody Lady will use her own vendor list to provide these gifts.
  2. The other option is that Goody Lady will use your list of vendors to create fun gift bags for your guests. Goody Lady will do all the connecting with each vendor, collect their items and create the gifts and will get your finished gifts to you in plenty of time for your event.

I am a non profit, how about me?

Non profits are welcomed to join to get your message across the United States. You are able to participate at no cost, you need to provide your own items for inclusions.

What is the Link Option?

Link option allows you to upgrade for a small fee which the link that you provide will link to your website. This allows more exposure as someone online will see it and will be able to click on it and directly get in contact with you. This option is only avaiable if you purchased the Goody Lady package and is not available for winners of contests.

What does sponsorship mean?

Sponsorship is an upgrade for a small fee and is only available to those who are participating and purchased the Goody Lady package listed above. You can include the link option if you want. This option is not available to winners of contests. You send me the graphic of your choice and I will create a fun 3×5 post card with your graphic and a message about your sponsorship. This allows a Goody Lady gift reiever to see your business first so they will pay more attention to your business. Only 1 sponsorship spot avaialble per bag.  I will spread out the sponsorship depending on who and how many are participating as a sponsor.

I Am a Business and Ready To get Started

Check out this post about how I prepare and distribute Goody Lady Gift Bags.

Goodie Bags

Read here about who is behind the scenes of Goody Lady


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