Goodie Gifts For Video Marketing

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for coming here to join us. I wanted to share with you about a video marketing retreat in Orlando Florida. I am providing fun Goody Lady gifts for the attendee’s. These twenty amazing people will be learning all about video marketing for their business. They will create lots of video footage as well. I was hoping I could attend, but I will have to wait and see if there will be another.

Goodie BagsI met Jessica Brace not too long ago. I have been stalking her and her work. She will be one of the people I will soon work with for video marketing not just for Goody Lady but as well as Spoil Yourself Boutique, my other business. Video marketing is very important to your business, I hope you check out Jessica and find out all the interesting things she will help you with your business.

iphone 016Jessica has a mission and I hope she meets her goal, she wants to help many women with their businesses. She wants to help them improve how they deliver their message and get found faster.  I learned a lot from her already. I have been to two events where she taught me some key points about video marketing and what it will do for Goody Lady.

How does Goody Lady pertain to Jessica? Besides the fact that soon, your business with be put into videos here on the blog, I have given Jessica some goodie bags for her event Video Marketing Retreat. Have fun at your event Jessica. I hope your guests enjoy these little gifts. Please be sure to tell us a testimonial.iphone 014

Who can be found inside Jessica’s event gift bags? You will find Marilyn with     Spoil Yourself Boutique, Cindy with Celebrating Home,  Alfredo with Buffing Man, Kellie with It Works and Jill with Help With Happiness. iphone 015


Vendors Needed for Tru Essence Event

Welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for checking out this post. I have an awesome opportunity for you to show off your products and services. Tru_Essence Events is having a very fun event. This means I am looking for vendors for this event to offer event attendees a fun Goody Lady Gift bag full of all things related to natural hair, and jewelry too.
Tru Essence
Below is the list of types of vendors I am looking for. I am accepting vendors to be included inside Goody Lady bags until June 1st 2013. There are a limited amount of spots available for Goody Lady bag inclusions, so be sure to fill out the form below, put in comment Tru_Essence Event so that you will be secured for this event. I will reply right back with your confirmation and where to send all items.
Because this is a natural hair event we would like to request that all vending products be related to:
Holistic Health
-Natural Beauty Products
-Natural Hair Products
-Hair Accessories
Please check which companies are not accepted and fill out the form below or the one found on the not accepted list,  to get started. Thank you.
If any vendors are interested in attending the cruise in order to have a space to vend their products at the 3 day Luxcruision Cruise to the Bahamas. Let us know if you would like more information on this. Please contact:

Online Form – Company Signup

Vendors Needed for Reunion

Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so glad you stopped by this post. I am looking for vendors for this amazing event. This is open to all vendors, and this event is right around the corner.  Please head over to Companies and Vendors page and get the form filled in, I will email you right back with confirmation and get your payment. Get your items in to me as quickly as possible so I can get the Goody Lady Gift bags ready for this amazing event.

Vietnam and ALL Veterans, active duty, reserve REUNION and have around 20k attend April 25-28 Wickham Park Brevard County Florida, and its FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.

AVET Project

I hope you can come on out as well to the event and show your support as well. The flyer above gives you more information about this event and other events that follow. If you want to do more than The Reunion event, please let me know so I can get you set up with that too.

Vendors Needed for Mother’s Day Gifts

Hello welcome to Goody Lady. We offer the best Goody Lady swag gift bags ever! Our gift bags are full of things for prospects to experience and learn about a product or service, you can also find coupons and other great ways for prospects  to save time, money, and gas too. Let’s make Mother’s Day 2013 one that MOM will not forget in a long time.

Join our special Mother’s Day Themed Goody Lady Gift bags.

Does your company offer products and services just for moms, including moms to be? Well let’s show moms all over the United States that you have an amazing product or service to help them through their day-to-day activities. Show them how you can help simplify their life, then they have more time to be a mom. Offer them coupons, samples, trial or full-sized items, even offer them handy gadgets with your logo on them.  Here is a bigger list of suggestions too. Moms can use so many things to ease their frustration of day-to-day tasks.

Who can you reach by joining the Mother’s Day themed Goody Lady bags?

  • Pregnant women
  • New moms
  • Moms who are or who have adopted
  • Moms  in general

Now let’s put together some amazing companies who offer products like,  and this is a very short list of possibilities!

There, that is a short list of things moms can use, although they can certainly benefit from many other different types of products and services. Let’s honor moms this Mother’s Day and give them a great gift to remember you by.  Are you a mom and reading this post? Please share what it is that YOU can use from a company whether it be a service or product. Let’s hear what you would love to get as a mom. Something that is specific to you for you to personally use, or even something you can use with your family.

How will Goody Lady Mother’s Day gift bags be distributed?

~ I advertise in many areas like of course all social medias, blogs, websites, word of mouth, daycare, schools, play-groups, and  business cards are just a few ways I use to get your company directly into MOMS hands.

Don’t forget that I am still running a sale please check out this post This weeks sale, well it was last weeks but I am extending it for this week too due to the great amount of interest.  Plus I want to offer moms a great gift just for them.

Companies please fill out form below to get started. Hurry Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

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