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Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so happy to see you here. Goody Lady works hard for your business to gain maximum exposure. You will get unique impressions. What this means is you will get into brand new people’s hands – Directly. I have an all-inclusive exclusive service for all your advertising, promoting, and marketing needs. Goody Lady completes all three tasks of advertising, promoting and marketing you in a fun, friendly, non compete and affordable way using the swag bag idea.

Goody Lady Bags are more:

  • Relaxed
  • Inviting
  • Non Pushy
  • Useful
  • Better ROI
  • Never Bags of Just Paper or Catalogs
  • Exclusive and Non Compete
  • Allows a relaxed introduction to your products and services giving you a better follow-up experience.

How does Goody Lady work?

  1. You determine how much you want to participate. Goody bags are sold in 200 bag increments. ( 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, etc.)
  2. Decide on which Event(s) and which Theme(s) you would like to participate in. You do not have to select any theme or category. You can be placed in general interest Goody Lady bags.
  3. Send payment through PayPal, keep your receipt for tax purposes please. This also secures your spot in your theme and event choices.
  4. Send to Goody Lady all the items you want to include. Must send in enough items for each bag you purchased.
  5. I take your items, take pictures of before and after Goody Bag is complete. I create a blog post about your participation. Blog posts are also shared in emails and all social medias. There is only mention of you, there will be no links provided. Links are provided for a fee. If you want to Sponsor Goody Lady bags, click the word Sponsor to get more information on what that means.
  6. I hand deliver through events and while doing my everyday activities each Goody Lady bag to a person. If I am not hand delivering a Goody Lady bag, I am personally mailing them to those who request Goody Bags. Sometimes I can collect some of their info, which is used to follow-up with each person to see how their experience was.
  7. I may give you some contact information of Goody Lady receivers for you to follow-up with them yourself, personally. Best practice is Do Not Be Pushy, please respect people. I do follow-up with each person for their feedback, please be sure you show complete respect to everyone. You will not always get information, if it is shared, that is a bonus for you.
  8. Look for blog posts that highlight all the individual bags I create, who is a participant and what exactly did they include. Look for blog posts about the events where Goody Lady is featured.

Please check out this post about how I prepare and distribute Goody Lady Gift Bags.


*All companies, business types accepted. ( examples are:)

  • Brick and Mortar
  • Home Made Items
  • Direct Sellers
  • Home Based
  • Corporations
  • Authors
  • LLC‘s

*Companies NOT accepted are:

Scentsy (Grace Adele and Velata yes)

Meredith Lilly Inc.

Slumber Parties

It Works

All other Products and Services Accepted.

What can you put inside Goody Lady Bags? You can include anything you like that is useful and appropriate to your company. You must provide enough for each Goody Bag you have purchased. If you purchased 200 bags, then you must provide enough for ALL 200 bags. If you purchased 1000 Goody Bags, then you must provide enough for 1000 bags. All items please keep them 4×6 or smaller.  Once you sign up, you are locked in for that amount you paid for. You can have a choice on how many bags you want to fill, you can choose what category(ies) and choose what theme(s) you want Your items in. For example, you paid for 2000 bag inclusions. You can choose to have 200 bag inclusions in each category and or each theme of your choice. You choose where you want your items to be.  You even have the choice to send in your items in smaller increments to space out or spread out when and where your items are distributed.

~ Remember, all bags are exclusive, so if you say you want your items to be placed in 50 bags for an event, category or theme it means you are now LOCKED into THAT spot. You will be the only represented company say for the cosmetics category – for example.

*Larger items and full-sized items will be used for Giveaway Contests.

Please check out this post of What Others Say They Want To Get

So here is a short list of things you can include. These are just some ideas.

The possibilities are endless on what exactly you want to include. You can include ANY combination of the above without limits on what or how many you want to include. The more useful, fun, creative, entertaining, engaging experience you give the more you are remembered. I must stress again two important things:

  1. You Must Provide Enough Items For Each Bag You Purchase!
  2. If you sell products, you must give some type of sample of a product you offer. I show you how to make samples here.

***Goody Lady Does NOT Give Goody Bags Of Paper. Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags Are An Experience!***

-This is a try before you buy service-

I do know some products just can NOT be made into samples, look for posts about the other ways to show others what your product will do for them. If you only offer services, I highly recommend you offer some type of savings as your call to action.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” ― John C. Maxwell

Now I know you value yourself and your business. YOU LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS and SERVICES. Let’s show the people you exist. Now show people how much you value and care for them, by providing them a way to experience what you have. Give them a personal non pushy way to learn about you, your products and services. Use Goody Lady to help you get exposure, be promoted, get advertisement, and market your brand!

* Full Sized Items Will Be Treated As A Giveaway. Please read How I Conduct My Giveaways Here.

Thank you for letting Goody Lady help brand you, promote you, advertise you and market you.

What can you do as a Goody Lady user? We would love for you to keep coming back to participate. The more you participate the more exposure and more impressions you get. Business takes time and patience to build. I help you with building YOUR business. Please come back here, click on Testimonials  and tell us how Goody Lady did and your experiences, thoughts and feelings too. We would love to hear all about it and do let us know how we can improve too.

— Since each company has different things to offer for products and services, I cater to EACH and EVERY one of you. I create your best possible and maximum experience. To help you best, individualized YOUR specific needs and wants it is better for you to fill out the form. Using the form below helps me Customize your advertising, marketing and promotional needs.

Goody Lady bag inclusions are sold in 200 bag increments.

You are buying the bag inclusion spot for each 200 bag increment.

This is not per item or per amount of weight.

This is per 200 bag inclusion increment.

Even if you just want to inquire to get more info for your future needs, please I highly encourage you to fill out the form, even if you do not plan to use the service or you want to know about it for your budgeting needs. I create a special customized plan for each of you. I want you to get the MOST out of your Goody Lady experience. Also sometimes I run sales and when I do I will give you the sale price, on the day it starts.  If you inquire (filled out the form below) about Goody Lady service or have been a participant I will give you first notice about the sale… before it starts.

I will run a monthly giveaway for all those who have filled out the form.

The giveaway prize will be a FREE 200 Goody Lady bag inclusion!

If you have paid for Goody Lady service that month, you will get an extra entry.

Only 1 winner will be chosen, will it be you?

–Before you head off to request more info, can you tell others about getting their company included please. It is easy to share, just click like, pin this, share on your social media outlets too. Thank you bunches and a virtual hug just for you!–

Please fill out the form to get started.

Online Form – Company Signup


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