Event Planners

Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so happy to see you here. Goody Lady works hard for your event to be fun, memorable, and stand out from the rest. I help event planners and coordinators with the task of treating event guests with a gift. Goody Lady does all the work so you can plan a better event.

Goody Lady Bags are more:

  • Relaxed
  • Inviting
  • Non Pushy
  • Useful
  • Better ROI
  • Never Bags of Paper
  • Exclusive and Non Compete
  • Allows a relaxed introduction of different companies giving your guest a better experience at an event.

I service all events in the United States Only.

  • Goody Lady Does ALL the work for you. She makes all contacts, coordinates and creates everything for you.
  • Goody Lady services are at NO COST to event planners and coordinators. Even the shipment of your Special Event bags to Your Event is FREE!

Here is How Goody Lady Event Gift Bags Work.

  1. Once you select Goody Lady to be your provider of Swag and Gift bags, You agree that Goody Lady is the SOLE provider of ALL your Swag and Gift Bags needs for the agreed upon event(s).
  2. Choose whether you want to use your own vendors or do you want Goody Lady to provide her own vendors.
  3. How many Goody Lady Gift Bags Do You Need?
  4. You send me the information of each vendor. Or vendors you wish to include. (If using your own vendors.)
  5. I connect with each of your vendors to get their items.
  6. Vendor sends all their items to Goody Lady to prepare Your Special Event Goody Lady Bags.
  7. Goody Lady creates all Goody Bags with  event vendors items, no other companies will be found inside your event bags. Unless you chose to allow Goody Lady to use her own vendors.
  8. I mail ALL finished and prepared Goody Lady bags to event planner or coordinator. If you are local to Goody Lady, your bags may be personally delivered.

–I will create a special event blog post for your event. (at no cost to you!)–

**Please note — Event Goody Lady bags are only available for an actual event. Event coordinator must email flyer with all event info on it. Event Goody Lady Bags will NOT get Goody receivers info from Goody Lady. It is the responsibility of event coordinator to provide that information to their vendors.**

If your event is in Brevard County Florida Goody Lady can come to your event (no charge for me to attend) and personally hand deliver each Goody Lady Bag to each of your guests. I can even Check In each of Your Guests for Your! Must email Goody Lady for availability.

Thank you for allowing Goody Lady to help make your event a fun experience. Can you do me a favor? Please share this post, pin it, like it and comment as well. Sharing this opportunity helps others with their events, so thank you again for sharing. Please accept a virtual hug from me to you and remember to have fun.

Please fill out form to get started, Thank you.

Online Form – Event Registration


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