Non Profit Awareness

Hello, welcome to Goody Lady. Here at Goody Lady we are big on giving back to the community and helping non profits and other organizations get exposure and awareness. Goody Lady will help you find new people to help you or those who need  the support you offer.

Goody Lady will include your non-profit organization for FREE! I did just say that, I will allow non profits with 5o1c3 paperwork inside any Goody Lady Bag for free. What you must do is simple.

  1. Provide a copy of proper 5o1c3 paperwork for your non-profit.
  2. Provide all items you want inside Goody Lady Bags. Check out this post to see examples of what to include.

If you can not provide the paperwork for your non-profit, as I do know and understand it is lots of work to create a 5o1c3 non-profit status. The cost is $15 to get inside Goody Lady Bags, each time you want to use the service. Must show other info showing some type of non-profit status. You do need to provide any items you wish to have inside Goody Lady bags. The amount you wish to include is up to each non-profit to determine. You will get a receipt for your tax purposes.

Why am I offering this? I offer this because I have noticed that many people think non-profits are only for those one day events or the week or month-long awareness campaigns. I want to help you bring awareness as an ongoing level.

Before you head over to get started, can you please do me a favor. Can you please rate this post, and tell others about it? It is easy to do, just click the buttons below the post to rate and share it. This helps others learn how to get their non-profit out there. Thank you bunches and here is a virtual hug from me to you!

Please fill out form to get started.

Online Form – Non Profit


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