Freaking Fantastic Blogging and List Building Challenge Day 3

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for visiting. If you are not a business, event planner or non-profit please visit this page to read other blog posts. Please head over to the post that offers you a free gift before you leave the blog and go about your day, I want to be sure you get it, thank you :).

This series is for helping me seek more vendors for Goody Lady Gift Receivers to experience and to help me with creating an offline portfolio.

Thank you for staying with this post, it means you are ready to get a special deal for helping me create my offline portfolio. In case you have not seen my first post about what this is about, please head over to The Start of the Series. I want to share with you some things I have been learning about.

This week let’s talk about what brought you to make the decision to start your own business. Did you join a team or ground floor opportunity just because of what was presented to you as far as compensation, the products, the bonuses, exactly what was it that drew you in? During your first month in business, was it going how you were told it would go? How about six to twelve months down the road? How were things, going and what has your journey been?  Please share with us all the good and bad times, the learning curves, the road blocks, and your triumphs during your first year.

So back to this portfolio and why I am creating one. I want something for offline use. When I am, at one of my networking events, or doing a one on one with a potential business or some other situation that would like to see how it works, what other businesses have done and how it helped them as well. I sort of will be using it as a testimonials for offline. Not at every networking event will I be able to bring Goody Lady bags with me, some events I attend regularly, like a leads meeting. My goal for Goody Lady gift receivers is to be as unique as possible.

If I attend a particular event each week and it has the same people in it, which when this occurs it is like for leads clubs. I wouldn’t give a Goody Lady bag to the same group, every week. I rather ask them if they needed more free gift or complimentary gift cards for their display at their office or place of work for their clients or customers. Remember Goody Lady wants to reach as many unique people or have unique impressions as possible.

So now for the deal you are here for. Please fill out the form today in order to get in on this deal. You will have even more exposure with this deal for both online and offline, especially offline. Since you will be shown over and over to others, you will get your brand seen by different people. They are business owners, event planners and even non profits too. Each of you can possibly benefit from one another. Connection making is key to every business.

Who am I looking for this week?

Business that offers products or services in the Fashion profession

I know for this category it can be tricky. Some of you have products that can not offer samples or trial sized items. Which is the normal qualification for these particular posts. In order to help you and other businesses out with this I am looking for your MOST interesting, creative and engaging ways to promote your products and services. You can help each other out by commenting below with your ideas, in fact that is what I would like you to do is help each other out.

In you doing this, it will help you mastermind and brainstorm together on different ways to help your business grow. Many of these ideas can also be used at events, expo’s and parties too. let’s get creative and learn from each other on different things to use for your Goody Lady inclusion.

When filling out the vendor form, please put into comments Portfolio Deal. Submissions from 4/29/13 until 5/4/13 will only be accepted, now because not everyone will get into the portfolio, spaces are limited. Only those who fill out the form and put into the comments Portfolio Deal will be considered. I will add those businesses to a drawing and 1 business will be drawn for this weeks Portfolio Deal. All submitted businesses will get a deal, however it will not be the same deal as the winner.

So who is ready to win a 200 Goody Lady Bag Free Inclusion AND 1 Free Link!?

Submissions accepted 4/29/13 12am – 5/4/13 12pm. Let’s help each other out. Fill in the Vendor Form to get started.

Winner will be chosen by random dot org and announced here on the blog on Sundays. Winners agree to provide enough items for each bag. You must also agree to the qualification of providing samples or trial sized items of your product(s). Unless stated in the contest about other qualifications as I do understand not every company can provide samples or trial sized items. With your inclusion, you may also provide business cards, mini brochures and other promo items, it is recommended that you do. This is an US only business.

Please share this amazing opportunity with your colleagues, friends, family, up lines and down lines as well. There are easy share buttons below as well.

Thank you.

Goodie Bags


Goody Lady Before the Announcement

Hello and Welcome to Goody Lady your one stop place to go to for all your advertising, promoting, and marketing (gardening) needs in an all-inclusive, exclusive package. If you’re wanting to try out different products and services before you buy, this is THE spot to be, just click on Free Gift Offer to request you Goody Lady Gift Bag and one will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

Goodie Swag Bags  Here is a Goody Lady bag given out at an event in November 2012.

So I wanted to show off some previous Goody Lady bags, before it was really announced to the world.

Goodie Swag Bags Here is another that was also given at an event in November 2012.

These were small with only one to three different companies displayed inside.

Goodie Swag Gifts See even Lemon Grass lotion trial sized items were found in some bags.

So have you requested your very own Goody Lady bag?  You will get to learn about a new product or service, or try out that product or service that you have been wanting to try but didn’t know how it worked.

Goodie Swag Gift Bags Isn’t this Goody Lady Gift Bag cute? Again only a couple of businesses were found in these early staged Goody Lady Gift bags.

Goodie Swag Gift Bags These were Goody Lady Halloween Gift Bags. Everyone LOVED these, they had samples and some chocolate candies too.

goody bags I created my Scentsy samples into fingers and toes for the added Halloween touch.

How are you liking the looks of these early staged Goody Lady bags? Please let me know any questions you have and put them into the comments section.

Are you a business and want to get started? Please take a look at my About Page to see an over view of what you will get and what to expect.  Goody Lady takes special care of your items and makes sure it directly gets into the hands of those who request it.

Please request your Free Gift from Goody Lady

Goody Lady Beginnings

I tested out Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags starting in October. I was only doing it for my other business called Spoil Yourself Boutique. I also got two of my friends to join in so they too can also get others to learn about what they offer.

So I created some fun small treat bags. These treat bags had some chocolate, hard candies and a Scentsy wax sample along with a chalk poem with a piece of chalk and a sample of Lemon Grass soap. So with three different companies, I was able to fill these cute little Halloween treat bags with some goodies and some samples for people to try out. It was fun creating them and even more of a blast to hand each Goody Lady Treat bag out at an event held at UNO’s October of 2012.

Each time I handed a bag of treats to someone and I watched their face light up with happiness I just knew that it was the perfect thing to do, it is fun to do and I can help other businesses grow. I am already doing it for myself, why not offer it to other businesses, and make money while connecting a business to a prospect and more importantly just plain old have fun filling someone’s day with a little happiness.

I was not just handing these out at an event, I was also doing it while doing daily activities like going through a drive through, at a store and handing the cashier a fun treat bag. One day I handed a wonderful women a treat bag and she just lit right up. It was nine in the morning and I ordered a coffee, I saw she was stressed, so I said while handing her a treat bag, “here don’t be so hard on yourself and beat yourself up. Things will get better”, and I was giving her a friendly smile, she reached over to me and gave me this big hug! I hugged back, she said “wow thank you so much, no one just hands free goodies to anyone or says thank you. I must look terrible and you can see that I am having the most horrible day.” She said “Thank you, you have made my day” Did I mention it was only NINE AM! I hope she had a better day after that.

Goody Lady

Right then and there, I just knew exactly what I wanted and need to do. I want to make someone’s day!

How Do I Find People

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. Thank you for taking the time to come read some posts. Don’t forget to Request Your Free Gift yourself. Here is a Frequently Asked Question along with its Answer. ( F. A. Q. )

Here is a question from one of my readers. I am sure you have the same question, so I would love to answer this question for you.


“How do you find the people to give the goodie bags to?”
I am so happy you asked and I would love to tell you how I find people and events to attend to offer Free Goody Lady bags to.
I find people through many social media platforms such as  Face Book and Twitter. I advertise, market and promote my offering a Free Gift through the different social medias. My current business card, which links you to a blog post to request a Free Gift. Once my logo is complete, I will order the nicer, more flashy and fun Free Gift cards.
I attend many events including craft fairs, and other vendor events. I also attend many networking, social, leads groups and other types of events. When I attend these type of events, I have my Free Gift business card that I offer to everyone that I chat with. Some events allow me to display my Goody Lady bags and  Free Gift cards on a display table. People love free things so it is quite popular. Some of these events I attend on a regular basis, meaning the same people are there. I am booking events 90 days in advance for me to offer maximum exposure to unique impressions. What unique impressions mean is that a brand new person that has yet to experience Goody Lady.
I have on display my Free Gifts business cards at a couple of locations. I am always in pursuit of other locations to display a Take one Free Gift Offer that I provide. Please EMAIL me if you are interested in having this Free Gift Offer at your location as well. I am looking for doctors offices, clinics, fitness centers, hotels, banks, restaurants, bridal shops, children shops, coffee/tea shops, salons, and any other location that would love to stand out from the crowd by offering a Free Gift to their guests, clients or customers. I also have Goody Lady banner ads placed on some other websites and blogs too. Right now as of this date, it is being placed on the first page of 8 other websites or blogs. I am interested in placing more banner ads on even more websites and blogs. If you have ad space available, please use the email me link to tell me all about it.
I am a part of some groups like women’s groups, chambers of commerce, direct sellers groups and a few other specific groups. I offer them this service of offering a Free Gift. The more places, the more exposure the more successful this becomes.
I am out almost daily, except Sundays. Six days a week, I am out and about doing all kinds of things. I have 5 children so they have me attend different places, I go to the stores and malls too. I offer Free Gift cards to many people I come into contact with. I am going to start a challenge with myself, I may need some accountability partners to follow-up with me. This challenge will get 10 Free Gift cards to 10 brand new people I come into contact with six days a week. I have given Goody Lady bags to those in the drive through, they love getting a bag of goodies! I will soon start doing this at certain banks that have the outside shoot things, someone gave me that idea to send fun gifts to bankers.
Free Gifts are sent to people all over the United States. I can keep your products and services as a vendor to specific groups and categories. Please check out the different pages for more information on that.
Another way for me to find people are companies that connect with me looking for door prizes, goody bags, or some other incentive for their event. I have that as an option as well. So if you have an event, please check out my Event Page to get Goody Lady bags at no charge to you for your event.
I hope this answers this question for you.
If I have left anything out or you have more thoughts, advice or opinions please share with me below in the comments.
Thank you don’t forget to request your Free Gift

Goody Bag Inclusion

Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so happy to see you here. Goody Lady works hard for your business to gain maximum exposure. I have an all-inclusive exclusive service for all your advertising, promoting, and marketing needs. Goody Lady completes all three tasks of advertising, promoting and marketing you in a fun, friendly, non compete and direct way using the swag bag idea.

Goody Lady Bags are more:

  • Relaxed
  • Inviting
  • Non Pushy
  • Useful
  • Better ROI
  • Never Bags of Paper
  • Exclusive and Non Compete
  • Allows a relaxed introduction to your products and services giving you a better follow-up experience.

How does Goody Lady work?

  1. You determine how much you want to participate. Goody bags are sold in 200 bag increments.
  2. Send payment through PayPal, keep your receipt for tax purposes please.
  3. Send to Goody Lady all the items you want to include. Must send in enough items for each bag you purchased.
  4. I take your items, take pictures of before and after Goody Bag is complete. I create a blog post about your participation. Blog posts are also shared in emails and all social medias.
  5. I personally hand deliver through events and while doing my everyday activities each Goody Lady bag to a person. If I am not hand delivering a Goody Lady bag, I am personally mailing them to those who request Goody Bags. I do collect their info, which is used to follow-up with each person to see how their experience was.
  6. I give you some contact information of Goody Lady receivers for you to follow-up with them yourself, personally. Best practice is Do Not Be Pushy, please respect people.  I do follow-up with each person for their feedback, please be sure you show complete respect to everyone.

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