Gift Of Freedom To Make Money

Hello I am happy you are here. Goody Lady is working on a special project. I am looking forward to you joining in. I want to not only help your business grow, but I want to help your business thrive, survive and grow into an awesome team! So let’s work together to do just that, grow your team now. It is the perfect time to start creating a team, or expand your team. The holidays fast approach and it may be too late in the year for you to properly prepare them new team members for them to have a successful first year.

This project will be all about growing or starting your team. Have you started a team yet? Have you already got some team members and want to grow it, or how about helping your team members grow their own team?

I have a theme called Freedom To Make Money On The Go. I want you to help spread the word that owning your business is a great decision. It will help families do more of what they want to. It will help build up self-esteem, confidence, help the economy and unemployment rates as well.

goodie bags and swag

Get your business featured as a great company to represent. Show those that have thought about owning a business can be done. Show them that your team is a great team to be on.

Starting a home business for some people is easy, others are on the fence. help them with deciding on what to do and who to go with, and show them exactly how to get on a great team that will help be supportive and help them become successful.

There will only be five different home business opportunities per recruiting Goody Lady gift bags. These bags will also be non compete, you will be the only business in your category.

Here are a couple of fun ideas for you to brainstorm on how you will use this opportunity to recruit people to your team.

  • Join brochure
  • Incentives
  • Compensation plan on one side of a post card and join my team with key points on the other side
  • What will you help do as a team leader
  • Recruiting games
  • Samples of what they will be selling

I am sure there are more ways that are fun and creative for you to take full advantage of this opportunity. Please share with us below other ideas.

So let’s get this recruiting project started. Click the button below to join in and grow your team.

How Many Recruiting bags
200 G.L.Recruiting bags $25.00 USD400 G.L Recruiting bags $50.00 USD