How Do I Find Your Customers

Welcome to Goody Lady, please join in and enjoy the many conversations we are having here. Today’s post is all about how I find your customers. I am out of my house just about daily, except Sunday, that is my lazy and family day where I do not do much of anything else. I do look at my blog and do things with it, at night when everyone’s asleep. Back to how I find your customers.

I see people as a connection in some way. It is an interesting challenge to learn how I can help them. I like to watch people, their body language, their facial expressions, their tone of voice even. Even when online, I watch what they post, I take note of how things are going for them. Some people I send messages to, to help them come back to center if I have noticed they have veered off to one side or the other. I have even sent messages to some people giving them the link here to my blog that allows them to request a free gift.  If I see posts or replies that offers an opportunity for me to share that I can get them a bag of goodies, of course I share it with them.

goodie bags and swag

While I am out and about, I am always looking for an opportunity to share your business with them. I have a business card, but it surely is not your traditional business card, as I am not your typical type of person as you may have noticed. My business card tells them to head to my website link and request a free gift. people love to get free things. People like to learn and experience different things, even if it is the same product, but shown by a different person it can give them a different experience even though it is the same thing. It is all in how the product is presented to give a person that experience.

That is what Goody Lady is about… An Expeience

So how else do I go out and find people to grow my prospect list for you, as a business owner? I do it in many ways. I came across How To find Customers, if you have not read it, now is your chance. So as a business, how many on that list do you do – on a regular basis? I mean let’s get real and honest here. What kind of mindset are you in when you go to any event? I hear so many businesses complain about things are slow, or some other thing that is happening. I see some of them continuously doing the same thing, but want better results, how does that work? I hear the I don’t have time, money, or other resources, but have any of them sat down and wrote down all the negatives? How about putting positives next to those negatives. I do truly understand about no money, or not enough money, it even happens to me. I take that same “excuse” of no money, put it on one side of the paper or at the top, then brainstorm how can I turn that around, you would be very surprised with yourself what you come up with. I know I surprised myself when I recently did it. How are you reacting to your negatives?

Back to Customer Finding.

While I am out and about, I see some people with business attire on, some I can tell it is a small business or like a home/small business I wait to see if they chat with anyone around them, no … nothing! umm why?  I know it comes easier for some people, but for others it can be hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger. The more you challenge yourself starting at baby steps, the easier it gets. I find different ways to chat with people, there is always something going on within the surrounding that can spark up a small chit-chat. I started with challenging myself to talk to just one person a day, then moved it on up and for every three people I chatted with, I was handing them this free gift offer. Now I hand them out more effortlessly, I have not seen anyone turn down a free gift offer as of yet.

How else do I find customers besides the things listed on the how to find customers link. In addition to attending many events both business and for fun, I advertise on other websites, I even barter with a couple of people as well. I have a couple of places where my business card is displayed, though when the cards finish there, I will be changing how the card looks so it is more flashy.  I post on the different social medias and get anywhere between two to ten different people requesting Goody Lady bags – daily, that does not include event planners or places that would like to have a take one basket in their office or place of business.  So far I have been doing minimal advertising and promoting and yet the prospect list keeps growing.  I am gearing up for some major advertising, promoting and marketing campaigns to get your company even more exposure. Now I am in need of companies to step up, put on their Big Business Hats and get added to these fun amazing bags and get yourself some new customers! There are only 10 spots per bag, the minimum of bags to participate in is 200, this gets you into direct contact with a minimum of 200 people… offline! This gets you in front of countless amount of people online!  You have so much potential by using Goody Lady.

I want to give 1000 people a Goody Lady bag by September. Will you be one of the companies that will be a part of that?

I do many things behind the scenes to give your business as much exposure as possible. When you see yourself in the blog post, that is not the only time it gets in front of people, I have a system so that each blog posts gets circulated throughout the social medias multiple times.

Now let Goody Lady do all the work for you! Have more time for yourself and your family, after all isn’t that why you started your own business, to work smarter not harder?

I find customers for you both online and offline.

This is a direct approach to finding customers.  Give customers an experience they will not forget.

Yes Goody Lady help me Find Customers please.


Pay It Forward

Hello welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for taking time to come and check out some posts. I want to talk about Goody Lady Pay It Forward cards. I want to create my own pay it forward cards, Goody Lady style :).

So have you heard of pay it forward? The concept is great and brings people together more intimately and allows for many random acts of kindnesses to occur. We go through many things during our day-to-day activities that we tend to forget we are human, we have many emotions and feelings that are forgotten. What if you were having a bad day one day and someone handed you a Goody Lady random act of kindness card and when you look on it, it has a fun enlightening message and you get a free gift from it? What feelings and emotions will you then be feeling?

I would like to create a Pay It Forward Goody Lady Gift Card.

pay it forward(photo credit to speak kindness dot org)

On one side I will have a fun message about Random Acts Of Kindness and Pay It Forward. The other side of the card I would like to have What the Kindness Offer Is. The Kindness offer will be directing the person who received the card to come and request their Free Goody Lady gift bag.

The card will tell them that when they are done requesting their gift, to now Pay It Forward. Pass the card along to the next person. This will not be on your typical business card, I want this special card to be plastic. I am choosing to make it into a plastic card so that it will hold it’s durability while being passed from person to person, paying it forward each time.

pay it forward1(photo credit to pretty things blog dot com)

What are your thoughts on this? If I handed you one of these particular cards, would you then after requesting your free gift, would you then pass it to another person? Before I continue with this idea, I would love to hear from you, a Goody Lady Gift receiver. How willing would you be to hand this card that offers your friend or family member a free gift? The cards will have all my own Goody Lady graphics, not like the ones found in the pictures you see here, or anywhere else. I will custom make them. My goal for this is to help you share about the free gift offer, and having this card made to be plastic, will create a very durable card. I love to give out free gifts, so please let me know your thoughts on this fun idea. Please leave your comment(s) below.

Thank you, Have A fun Day.

Don’t forget to head over and Request Your Free Gift

How Do I Find People

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. Thank you for taking the time to come read some posts. Don’t forget to Request Your Free Gift yourself. Here is a Frequently Asked Question along with its Answer. ( F. A. Q. )

Here is a question from one of my readers. I am sure you have the same question, so I would love to answer this question for you.


“How do you find the people to give the goodie bags to?”
I am so happy you asked and I would love to tell you how I find people and events to attend to offer Free Goody Lady bags to.
I find people through many social media platforms such as  Face Book and Twitter. I advertise, market and promote my offering a Free Gift through the different social medias. My current business card, which links you to a blog post to request a Free Gift. Once my logo is complete, I will order the nicer, more flashy and fun Free Gift cards.
I attend many events including craft fairs, and other vendor events. I also attend many networking, social, leads groups and other types of events. When I attend these type of events, I have my Free Gift business card that I offer to everyone that I chat with. Some events allow me to display my Goody Lady bags and  Free Gift cards on a display table. People love free things so it is quite popular. Some of these events I attend on a regular basis, meaning the same people are there. I am booking events 90 days in advance for me to offer maximum exposure to unique impressions. What unique impressions mean is that a brand new person that has yet to experience Goody Lady.
I have on display my Free Gifts business cards at a couple of locations. I am always in pursuit of other locations to display a Take one Free Gift Offer that I provide. Please EMAIL me if you are interested in having this Free Gift Offer at your location as well. I am looking for doctors offices, clinics, fitness centers, hotels, banks, restaurants, bridal shops, children shops, coffee/tea shops, salons, and any other location that would love to stand out from the crowd by offering a Free Gift to their guests, clients or customers. I also have Goody Lady banner ads placed on some other websites and blogs too. Right now as of this date, it is being placed on the first page of 8 other websites or blogs. I am interested in placing more banner ads on even more websites and blogs. If you have ad space available, please use the email me link to tell me all about it.
I am a part of some groups like women’s groups, chambers of commerce, direct sellers groups and a few other specific groups. I offer them this service of offering a Free Gift. The more places, the more exposure the more successful this becomes.
I am out almost daily, except Sundays. Six days a week, I am out and about doing all kinds of things. I have 5 children so they have me attend different places, I go to the stores and malls too. I offer Free Gift cards to many people I come into contact with. I am going to start a challenge with myself, I may need some accountability partners to follow-up with me. This challenge will get 10 Free Gift cards to 10 brand new people I come into contact with six days a week. I have given Goody Lady bags to those in the drive through, they love getting a bag of goodies! I will soon start doing this at certain banks that have the outside shoot things, someone gave me that idea to send fun gifts to bankers.
Free Gifts are sent to people all over the United States. I can keep your products and services as a vendor to specific groups and categories. Please check out the different pages for more information on that.
Another way for me to find people are companies that connect with me looking for door prizes, goody bags, or some other incentive for their event. I have that as an option as well. So if you have an event, please check out my Event Page to get Goody Lady bags at no charge to you for your event.
I hope this answers this question for you.
If I have left anything out or you have more thoughts, advice or opinions please share with me below in the comments.
Thank you don’t forget to request your Free Gift