Goody Lady Preparation and Distribution

Welcome to Goody Lady, I wanted to show you how I prepare Goody Lady Gift Bags. I want you to get the maximum exposure for your business, event or non-profit. This post is all about the process from start to finish.

Goodie Bags

The beginning process of getting inside Goody Lady Gift Bags

  1. You fill out the proper form, depending on if you’re a company/business/vendor, if you’re an event planner/coordinator or if you’re a non-profit.
  2. I receive an email with all your information from the form. I reply back to you confirming your options and send you an invoice. This invoice is your most crucial part, if you do not pay your invoice, your business will not get advertised, promoted or marketed here on Goody Lady.
  3. You mail Goody Lady your items that you want to include inside the gift bags.
  4. As soon as I receive them, I create a blog post that tells potential receivers that you are participating. This builds anticipation from a consumer to receive your items.
  5. That same day is when I am adding items into their respective bags using the choices that you have signed up for.
  6. Goody Lady bags are distributed right away as the bags are closed up after at least 5 businesses and not more than ten are added to each gift bag.
  7. Goody lady bags are distributed two ways : Mailed directly to recipient or directly handed out to recipients at various events.
  8. I update this website with how many Goody Lady gift bags have been sent out.

Please check out these pictures of me creating a Goody Lady Gift Bags.

I take all your items, make sure you are exclusive to a gift bag. I then add you, tie, add ribbon and put them inside the envelopes.

iphone 343

These Goody Lady bags are awaiting to get inside the envelopes.

iphone 342

After adding things inside, I close them up.

iphone 344

The ribbon is then added, sometimes I use two colors.

iphone 345

Here are some finished and packaged Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags

iphone 346