Goody Lady Before the Announcement

Hello and Welcome to Goody Lady your one stop place to go to for all your advertising, promoting, and marketing (gardening) needs in an all-inclusive, exclusive package. If you’re wanting to try out different products and services before you buy, this is THE spot to be, just click on Free Gift Offer to request you Goody Lady Gift Bag and one will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

Goodie Swag Bags  Here is a Goody Lady bag given out at an event in November 2012.

So I wanted to show off some previous Goody Lady bags, before it was really announced to the world.

Goodie Swag Bags Here is another that was also given at an event in November 2012.

These were small with only one to three different companies displayed inside.

Goodie Swag Gifts See even Lemon Grass lotion trial sized items were found in some bags.

So have you requested your very own Goody Lady bag?  You will get to learn about a new product or service, or try out that product or service that you have been wanting to try but didn’t know how it worked.

Goodie Swag Gift Bags Isn’t this Goody Lady Gift Bag cute? Again only a couple of businesses were found in these early staged Goody Lady Gift bags.

Goodie Swag Gift Bags These were Goody Lady Halloween Gift Bags. Everyone LOVED these, they had samples and some chocolate candies too.

goody bags I created my Scentsy samples into fingers and toes for the added Halloween touch.

How are you liking the looks of these early staged Goody Lady bags? Please let me know any questions you have and put them into the comments section.

Are you a business and want to get started? Please take a look at my About Page to see an over view of what you will get and what to expect.  Goody Lady takes special care of your items and makes sure it directly gets into the hands of those who request it.

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