Goody Lady Preparation and Distribution

Welcome to Goody Lady, I wanted to show you how I prepare Goody Lady Gift Bags. I want you to get the maximum exposure for your business, event or non-profit. This post is all about the process from start to finish.

Goodie Bags

The beginning process of getting inside Goody Lady Gift Bags

  1. You fill out the proper form, depending on if you’re a company/business/vendor, if you’re an event planner/coordinator or if you’re a non-profit.
  2. I receive an email with all your information from the form. I reply back to you confirming your options and send you an invoice. This invoice is your most crucial part, if you do not pay your invoice, your business will not get advertised, promoted or marketed here on Goody Lady.
  3. You mail Goody Lady your items that you want to include inside the gift bags.
  4. As soon as I receive them, I create a blog post that tells potential receivers that you are participating. This builds anticipation from a consumer to receive your items.
  5. That same day is when I am adding items into their respective bags using the choices that you have signed up for.
  6. Goody Lady bags are distributed right away as the bags are closed up after at least 5 businesses and not more than ten are added to each gift bag.
  7. Goody lady bags are distributed two ways : Mailed directly to recipient or directly handed out to recipients at various events.
  8. I update this website with how many Goody Lady gift bags have been sent out.

Please check out these pictures of me creating a Goody Lady Gift Bags.

I take all your items, make sure you are exclusive to a gift bag. I then add you, tie, add ribbon and put them inside the envelopes.

iphone 343

These Goody Lady bags are awaiting to get inside the envelopes.

iphone 342

After adding things inside, I close them up.

iphone 344

The ribbon is then added, sometimes I use two colors.

iphone 345

Here are some finished and packaged Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags

iphone 346


About Goody Lady Swag Gifts

Who is Goody Lady? Hello my name is Marilyn Arriaga. I am a mom to five children. We have two dogs and two bearded dragons. I am originally from Boston, Ma. I moved to Florida in September of 2009. Why did I create Goody Lady? Read below…

Goody Lady was created January of 2013. I created it because I have noticed that when I offered free gifts of samples to people I had a better connection with my customers. I get to see happier people when they receive a free Goody Lady bag. Since I was already creating Goody bags for my self to get my products into someone hands to experience them, I decided hey, let me get some other businesses to participate and give a goody bag receiver a great experience. Goody bag receivers get to experience and try different things. Many companies offer coupons for you to save on products and services that benefit you. Many people, myself included do not know what products and services are available. This is a great way to not just learn about new products and services, but to also try them before buying them. Once you try different products you learn how it will simplify your life. We are all so busy with life, it is hard to get to learn about new things.Goodie Bags

Can you do me a favor? I would like to hear from you what exactly do you like to find inside goody swag gift bags. Please help us with your feedback with this Fast Poll Thank you.

If you have questions, please post them below in the comments, I answer each one myself. If you have a question, others do too. By you taking that step to ask questions, and me answering them it helps others. Don’t forget to request your free Goody Lady gift.

So I want to hear from you. What do you think about this concept in general? From a business prespective, what are your thoughts? How would you use this service to benefit you? What about from a customer’s perspective, what would you getting a bag full of things you can use mean to you? What or how would you think of a business that participated to give you an experience with their products?

Request Your Free Goody Lady Gift Here Please

Vendors Needed for Tru Essence Event

Welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for checking out this post. I have an awesome opportunity for you to show off your products and services. Tru_Essence Events is having a very fun event. This means I am looking for vendors for this event to offer event attendees a fun Goody Lady Gift bag full of all things related to natural hair, and jewelry too.
Tru Essence
Below is the list of types of vendors I am looking for. I am accepting vendors to be included inside Goody Lady bags until June 1st 2013. There are a limited amount of spots available for Goody Lady bag inclusions, so be sure to fill out the form below, put in comment Tru_Essence Event so that you will be secured for this event. I will reply right back with your confirmation and where to send all items.
Because this is a natural hair event we would like to request that all vending products be related to:
Holistic Health
-Natural Beauty Products
-Natural Hair Products
-Hair Accessories
Please check which companies are not accepted and fill out the form below or the one found on the not accepted list,  to get started. Thank you.
If any vendors are interested in attending the cruise in order to have a space to vend their products at the 3 day Luxcruision Cruise to the Bahamas. Let us know if you would like more information on this. Please contact:

Online Form – Company Signup

Goody Lady Beginnings

I tested out Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags starting in October. I was only doing it for my other business called Spoil Yourself Boutique. I also got two of my friends to join in so they too can also get others to learn about what they offer.

So I created some fun small treat bags. These treat bags had some chocolate, hard candies and a Scentsy wax sample along with a chalk poem with a piece of chalk and a sample of Lemon Grass soap. So with three different companies, I was able to fill these cute little Halloween treat bags with some goodies and some samples for people to try out. It was fun creating them and even more of a blast to hand each Goody Lady Treat bag out at an event held at UNO’s October of 2012.

Each time I handed a bag of treats to someone and I watched their face light up with happiness I just knew that it was the perfect thing to do, it is fun to do and I can help other businesses grow. I am already doing it for myself, why not offer it to other businesses, and make money while connecting a business to a prospect and more importantly just plain old have fun filling someone’s day with a little happiness.

I was not just handing these out at an event, I was also doing it while doing daily activities like going through a drive through, at a store and handing the cashier a fun treat bag. One day I handed a wonderful women a treat bag and she just lit right up. It was nine in the morning and I ordered a coffee, I saw she was stressed, so I said while handing her a treat bag, “here don’t be so hard on yourself and beat yourself up. Things will get better”, and I was giving her a friendly smile, she reached over to me and gave me this big hug! I hugged back, she said “wow thank you so much, no one just hands free goodies to anyone or says thank you. I must look terrible and you can see that I am having the most horrible day.” She said “Thank you, you have made my day” Did I mention it was only NINE AM! I hope she had a better day after that.

Goody Lady

Right then and there, I just knew exactly what I wanted and need to do. I want to make someone’s day!

I Find These Tools Useful

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady.  At Goody Lady we want to make sure we give you what you are looking for. We want to give you a relaxed, fun experience. Please help companies ( vendors ) learn more about what you like to receive.  What kinds of things are useful and attracting to you? Please help us by answering this quick poll. If you do not see your answer listed, please feel free and comment with your answer.

What kinds of things can you personally use? What interesting things do you like? What will help you to keep a company top of mind? These are just a few questions to get you thinking. Companies have hundreds of options to offer you the best tools, but we would like to narrow things down to serve you best.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your thoughts and feedback. I look forward to your answers. Don’t forget to request your Free Gift.

Goody Bag Inclusion

Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so happy to see you here. Goody Lady works hard for your business to gain maximum exposure. I have an all-inclusive exclusive service for all your advertising, promoting, and marketing needs. Goody Lady completes all three tasks of advertising, promoting and marketing you in a fun, friendly, non compete and direct way using the swag bag idea.

Goody Lady Bags are more:

  • Relaxed
  • Inviting
  • Non Pushy
  • Useful
  • Better ROI
  • Never Bags of Paper
  • Exclusive and Non Compete
  • Allows a relaxed introduction to your products and services giving you a better follow-up experience.

How does Goody Lady work?

  1. You determine how much you want to participate. Goody bags are sold in 200 bag increments.
  2. Send payment through PayPal, keep your receipt for tax purposes please.
  3. Send to Goody Lady all the items you want to include. Must send in enough items for each bag you purchased.
  4. I take your items, take pictures of before and after Goody Bag is complete. I create a blog post about your participation. Blog posts are also shared in emails and all social medias.
  5. I personally hand deliver through events and while doing my everyday activities each Goody Lady bag to a person. If I am not hand delivering a Goody Lady bag, I am personally mailing them to those who request Goody Bags. I do collect their info, which is used to follow-up with each person to see how their experience was.
  6. I give you some contact information of Goody Lady receivers for you to follow-up with them yourself, personally. Best practice is Do Not Be Pushy, please respect people.  I do follow-up with each person for their feedback, please be sure you show complete respect to everyone.

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Goody Lady Gift Bag

Hello welcome to Goody Lady. Do you like to try things before you buy them? What about saving money on things you use often? Do you like to get free things and experience different products and services?

I know you have answered yes to at least one of those questions above. Here at Goody Lady, this is what we strive to offer you. You will get to experience products and services you have not heard of yet, products and services you may have heard about, but have not yet tried them because you don’t want to waste time or money just to see if it works.

I have taken the swag bag idea from events and have put a twist on them. Inside Goody Lady  bags you will not find just catalogs and other paper that screams buy me, buy me. No, you will not get such a thing as a Goody Lady bag receiver. You will not receive catalogs, unless it is a mini catalog but never full catalogs.  The other twist on it is, you do not need to attend events just to get a Goody Lady bag. Though you can find them at some events, but attending an event is not mandatory. Neither is attending a seminar, presentation or party. You can get one just by requesting one by filling out the form below.

What can be found inside a Goody Lady bag? Here are some of the many things you can find, this is not a full list.

  • Samples, Trial and or Full sized items
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Mouse pads
  • Notepads
  • Sticky Notes
  • Calendars
  • Coupons
  • Special Offers
  • Gift Certificates

So that is a short list of things that can be found inside a Goody Lady Bag. To help us better in giving you the best possible Goody lady gift bag to serve you better, can you please offer your opinion with this really Fast Poll please, thank you for helping us serve you. You will find anywhere between five to ten different non compete businesses inside your bag. These goodies are free for you to get, just request yours through the form on this post.

Goody Lady

What can you do as a Goody Lady receiver? We would love for you to keep coming back to this blog to see what new companies are participating.  Once you get your goodies have fun experiencing them. Please come back here, click on Testimonials  and tell us how Goody Lady did and your experiences, thoughts and feelings too. Please let us know about the company you experienced as well. We would love to hear all about it and do let us know how we can improve too.

–Before you head off to request your Free Gift, can you tell others about getting their Own Free Gift ,. It is easy to share, just click like, pin this, share on your social media outlets too. Thank you bunches and a virtual hug just for you!–

Here is the form to fill out.  Enjoy your Goody Lady Bag. Thank you for your request.

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