Winter Break Kids Goodies

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady. Thank you for taking time to come check things out. These goodies were a bit different. These goodies were for my son’s Pre-K class. It had some little toys, some Avon items that are in their kids line, and there was some candy as well. They went home with each child for the winter break.  Inside was also a small treat bag for the parents with some candy for them too, along with a couple of sample items for them too.

Goodie Swag Gifts

If you would like to participate in something like this, I do it for Valentines Day, ThanksGiving, Winter Holidays (I keep it neutral), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and end of year summer fun bag. I would love it if you can participate. I am looking for those who are a child friendly as this is mainly for the kids in my son’s class and he is 5 years old. You can offer something for the adults too, just remember for something like this, it is all about the kids.  I also give a Goody bag to each of the teachers there are two and the bus driver and her monitor.

What can you offer?

There are many possibilities. You can get some child friendly items and attach your business cards, samples and other things and I will use all of your items to create a fun gift bag for the kids.

Now are you ready to help make some kids pretty happy this summer? I am in need of your items to help fill 50 or more tote bags for the kids. Please click on the vendor page, and fill out the form.

Comment below with your own ideas of things you would like to see given to kids. Again, the possibilities are endless. Order things form Oriental Trading or Toy Smith, you can get them in bulk, then add your own touch to it, get them to me and I will get them to the kids.  If you sell kids products, or own or work for a kid friendly place, perfect, the kids will love it!

Thank you! 🙂


Goodie Bags


Freaking Fantastic Blogging and List Building Challenge Day 3

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for visiting. If you are not a business, event planner or non-profit please visit this page to read other blog posts. Please head over to the post that offers you a free gift before you leave the blog and go about your day, I want to be sure you get it, thank you :).

This series is for helping me seek more vendors for Goody Lady Gift Receivers to experience and to help me with creating an offline portfolio.

Thank you for staying with this post, it means you are ready to get a special deal for helping me create my offline portfolio. In case you have not seen my first post about what this is about, please head over to The Start of the Series. I want to share with you some things I have been learning about.

This week let’s talk about what brought you to make the decision to start your own business. Did you join a team or ground floor opportunity just because of what was presented to you as far as compensation, the products, the bonuses, exactly what was it that drew you in? During your first month in business, was it going how you were told it would go? How about six to twelve months down the road? How were things, going and what has your journey been?  Please share with us all the good and bad times, the learning curves, the road blocks, and your triumphs during your first year.

So back to this portfolio and why I am creating one. I want something for offline use. When I am, at one of my networking events, or doing a one on one with a potential business or some other situation that would like to see how it works, what other businesses have done and how it helped them as well. I sort of will be using it as a testimonials for offline. Not at every networking event will I be able to bring Goody Lady bags with me, some events I attend regularly, like a leads meeting. My goal for Goody Lady gift receivers is to be as unique as possible.

If I attend a particular event each week and it has the same people in it, which when this occurs it is like for leads clubs. I wouldn’t give a Goody Lady bag to the same group, every week. I rather ask them if they needed more free gift or complimentary gift cards for their display at their office or place of work for their clients or customers. Remember Goody Lady wants to reach as many unique people or have unique impressions as possible.

So now for the deal you are here for. Please fill out the form today in order to get in on this deal. You will have even more exposure with this deal for both online and offline, especially offline. Since you will be shown over and over to others, you will get your brand seen by different people. They are business owners, event planners and even non profits too. Each of you can possibly benefit from one another. Connection making is key to every business.

Who am I looking for this week?

Business that offers products or services in the Fashion profession

I know for this category it can be tricky. Some of you have products that can not offer samples or trial sized items. Which is the normal qualification for these particular posts. In order to help you and other businesses out with this I am looking for your MOST interesting, creative and engaging ways to promote your products and services. You can help each other out by commenting below with your ideas, in fact that is what I would like you to do is help each other out.

In you doing this, it will help you mastermind and brainstorm together on different ways to help your business grow. Many of these ideas can also be used at events, expo’s and parties too. let’s get creative and learn from each other on different things to use for your Goody Lady inclusion.

When filling out the vendor form, please put into comments Portfolio Deal. Submissions from 4/29/13 until 5/4/13 will only be accepted, now because not everyone will get into the portfolio, spaces are limited. Only those who fill out the form and put into the comments Portfolio Deal will be considered. I will add those businesses to a drawing and 1 business will be drawn for this weeks Portfolio Deal. All submitted businesses will get a deal, however it will not be the same deal as the winner.

So who is ready to win a 200 Goody Lady Bag Free Inclusion AND 1 Free Link!?

Submissions accepted 4/29/13 12am – 5/4/13 12pm. Let’s help each other out. Fill in the Vendor Form to get started.

Winner will be chosen by random dot org and announced here on the blog on Sundays. Winners agree to provide enough items for each bag. You must also agree to the qualification of providing samples or trial sized items of your product(s). Unless stated in the contest about other qualifications as I do understand not every company can provide samples or trial sized items. With your inclusion, you may also provide business cards, mini brochures and other promo items, it is recommended that you do. This is an US only business.

Please share this amazing opportunity with your colleagues, friends, family, up lines and down lines as well. There are easy share buttons below as well.

Thank you.

Goodie Bags

About Goody Lady Swag Gifts

Who is Goody Lady? Hello my name is Marilyn Arriaga. I am a mom to five children. We have two dogs and two bearded dragons. I am originally from Boston, Ma. I moved to Florida in September of 2009. Why did I create Goody Lady? Read below…

Goody Lady was created January of 2013. I created it because I have noticed that when I offered free gifts of samples to people I had a better connection with my customers. I get to see happier people when they receive a free Goody Lady bag. Since I was already creating Goody bags for my self to get my products into someone hands to experience them, I decided hey, let me get some other businesses to participate and give a goody bag receiver a great experience. Goody bag receivers get to experience and try different things. Many companies offer coupons for you to save on products and services that benefit you. Many people, myself included do not know what products and services are available. This is a great way to not just learn about new products and services, but to also try them before buying them. Once you try different products you learn how it will simplify your life. We are all so busy with life, it is hard to get to learn about new things.Goodie Bags

Can you do me a favor? I would like to hear from you what exactly do you like to find inside goody swag gift bags. Please help us with your feedback with this Fast Poll Thank you.

If you have questions, please post them below in the comments, I answer each one myself. If you have a question, others do too. By you taking that step to ask questions, and me answering them it helps others. Don’t forget to request your free Goody Lady gift.

So I want to hear from you. What do you think about this concept in general? From a business prespective, what are your thoughts? How would you use this service to benefit you? What about from a customer’s perspective, what would you getting a bag full of things you can use mean to you? What or how would you think of a business that participated to give you an experience with their products?

Request Your Free Goody Lady Gift Here Please

What Attracts You, What Is Your Shiny Object?

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady, how are you liking the blog so far? Thank you for coming to read and respond on this post. So tell me I would love to know from you, what helps you in making the decision to attend an event, craft fair or even an expo? What plays a role in determining if you go or not? On the business side, what determines for you to decide you would be a vendor at any particular event?

This post is both for a business person, the one who creates, plans and coordinates an event, the business person who decides they will be a vendor at an event and then the most important person who is the crucial part of the event… The Consumer, The Attendee.

  • QUESTION: You have an event this weekend but none of your product/show pieces or cash & carry have come so your left with 1-2 pieces to show and a laptop. How about if all you have is your starter kit? You have less than ten catalogs and no stock. You can’t get your money back from the event and you don’t want to just “eat it” ….how would you utilize your booth to promote your business that day?

presentation skills

( photo credit to core excellence dot com )

What About You, the Attendee?

  • QUESTION: You are at an event, you are first making your rounds to as many of the booths as possible. You want to see who is there and what they have to offer. What draws your attention to someone’s booth? Is it the company name? What about colors, what catches your eyes? You take note of the booths, you scan the booth landscape, now which do you go to first and why? Do you attend an event with the intention of “window shopping” or making some type of purchase. What grabs your attention to buy something? Do you like to attend events because of the free stuff you can get, what about raffles, do you enter them all, some or at least one? Without saying any company names, what creates a situation for you to not even bother with a particular booth? Does more product on the tables draw your attention or overwhelm you? Do you like simple or fully decorated and full of cash and carry products pull you into a booth’s direction? What if the table had no tent, like most other do? What if they only had one to four items on display, what would you think and would you visit the table?

Scentsy Spoil Yourself Boutique Table

(photo credit Scentsy table)

I want to thank you for coming here and spending a few minutes to share with us from both the customers and the businesses point of views. It will be interesting to read your answers and stories. From a business stand point, this helps them create a better event experience just for you. Please share your answers in the comments below. Take a minute to click like and then share this post on at least one of the platforms.

Thank you for your time as we understand it is valuable and businesses really do care and really do want to make the most of each event to create a pleasurable experience.

Don’t forget to head on over to get your Free Gift and if you’re a company and want to participate, please head over to the Company Page.

blog challenge

Pay It Forward

Hello welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for taking time to come and check out some posts. I want to talk about Goody Lady Pay It Forward cards. I want to create my own pay it forward cards, Goody Lady style :).

So have you heard of pay it forward? The concept is great and brings people together more intimately and allows for many random acts of kindnesses to occur. We go through many things during our day-to-day activities that we tend to forget we are human, we have many emotions and feelings that are forgotten. What if you were having a bad day one day and someone handed you a Goody Lady random act of kindness card and when you look on it, it has a fun enlightening message and you get a free gift from it? What feelings and emotions will you then be feeling?

I would like to create a Pay It Forward Goody Lady Gift Card.

pay it forward(photo credit to speak kindness dot org)

On one side I will have a fun message about Random Acts Of Kindness and Pay It Forward. The other side of the card I would like to have What the Kindness Offer Is. The Kindness offer will be directing the person who received the card to come and request their Free Goody Lady gift bag.

The card will tell them that when they are done requesting their gift, to now Pay It Forward. Pass the card along to the next person. This will not be on your typical business card, I want this special card to be plastic. I am choosing to make it into a plastic card so that it will hold it’s durability while being passed from person to person, paying it forward each time.

pay it forward1(photo credit to pretty things blog dot com)

What are your thoughts on this? If I handed you one of these particular cards, would you then after requesting your free gift, would you then pass it to another person? Before I continue with this idea, I would love to hear from you, a Goody Lady Gift receiver. How willing would you be to hand this card that offers your friend or family member a free gift? The cards will have all my own Goody Lady graphics, not like the ones found in the pictures you see here, or anywhere else. I will custom make them. My goal for this is to help you share about the free gift offer, and having this card made to be plastic, will create a very durable card. I love to give out free gifts, so please let me know your thoughts on this fun idea. Please leave your comment(s) below.

Thank you, Have A fun Day.

Don’t forget to head over and Request Your Free Gift

Vendors Needed for Tru Essence Event

Welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for checking out this post. I have an awesome opportunity for you to show off your products and services. Tru_Essence Events is having a very fun event. This means I am looking for vendors for this event to offer event attendees a fun Goody Lady Gift bag full of all things related to natural hair, and jewelry too.
Tru Essence
Below is the list of types of vendors I am looking for. I am accepting vendors to be included inside Goody Lady bags until June 1st 2013. There are a limited amount of spots available for Goody Lady bag inclusions, so be sure to fill out the form below, put in comment Tru_Essence Event so that you will be secured for this event. I will reply right back with your confirmation and where to send all items.
Because this is a natural hair event we would like to request that all vending products be related to:
Holistic Health
-Natural Beauty Products
-Natural Hair Products
-Hair Accessories
Please check which companies are not accepted and fill out the form below or the one found on the not accepted list,  to get started. Thank you.
If any vendors are interested in attending the cruise in order to have a space to vend their products at the 3 day Luxcruision Cruise to the Bahamas. Let us know if you would like more information on this. Please contact:

Online Form – Company Signup

Goody Lady Gift Bag

Hello welcome to Goody Lady. Do you like to try things before you buy them? What about saving money on things you use often? Do you like to get free things and experience different products and services?

I know you have answered yes to at least one of those questions above. Here at Goody Lady, this is what we strive to offer you. You will get to experience products and services you have not heard of yet, products and services you may have heard about, but have not yet tried them because you don’t want to waste time or money just to see if it works.

I have taken the swag bag idea from events and have put a twist on them. Inside Goody Lady  bags you will not find just catalogs and other paper that screams buy me, buy me. No, you will not get such a thing as a Goody Lady bag receiver. You will not receive catalogs, unless it is a mini catalog but never full catalogs.  The other twist on it is, you do not need to attend events just to get a Goody Lady bag. Though you can find them at some events, but attending an event is not mandatory. Neither is attending a seminar, presentation or party. You can get one just by requesting one by filling out the form below.

What can be found inside a Goody Lady bag? Here are some of the many things you can find, this is not a full list.

  • Samples, Trial and or Full sized items
  • Pens and Pencils
  • Mouse pads
  • Notepads
  • Sticky Notes
  • Calendars
  • Coupons
  • Special Offers
  • Gift Certificates

So that is a short list of things that can be found inside a Goody Lady Bag. To help us better in giving you the best possible Goody lady gift bag to serve you better, can you please offer your opinion with this really Fast Poll please, thank you for helping us serve you. You will find anywhere between five to ten different non compete businesses inside your bag. These goodies are free for you to get, just request yours through the form on this post.

Goody Lady

What can you do as a Goody Lady receiver? We would love for you to keep coming back to this blog to see what new companies are participating.  Once you get your goodies have fun experiencing them. Please come back here, click on Testimonials  and tell us how Goody Lady did and your experiences, thoughts and feelings too. Please let us know about the company you experienced as well. We would love to hear all about it and do let us know how we can improve too.

–Before you head off to request your Free Gift, can you tell others about getting their Own Free Gift ,. It is easy to share, just click like, pin this, share on your social media outlets too. Thank you bunches and a virtual hug just for you!–

Here is the form to fill out.  Enjoy your Goody Lady Bag. Thank you for your request.

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