Gift Of Freedom To Make Money

Hello I am happy you are here. Goody Lady is working on a special project. I am looking forward to you joining in. I want to not only help your business grow, but I want to help your business thrive, survive and grow into an awesome team! So let’s work together to do just that, grow your team now. It is the perfect time to start creating a team, or expand your team. The holidays fast approach and it may be too late in the year for you to properly prepare them new team members for them to have a successful first year.

This project will be all about growing or starting your team. Have you started a team yet? Have you already got some team members and want to grow it, or how about helping your team members grow their own team?

I have a theme called Freedom To Make Money On The Go. I want you to help spread the word that owning your business is a great decision. It will help families do more of what they want to. It will help build up self-esteem, confidence, help the economy and unemployment rates as well.

goodie bags and swag

Get your business featured as a great company to represent. Show those that have thought about owning a business can be done. Show them that your team is a great team to be on.

Starting a home business for some people is easy, others are on the fence. help them with deciding on what to do and who to go with, and show them exactly how to get on a great team that will help be supportive and help them become successful.

There will only be five different home business opportunities per recruiting Goody Lady gift bags. These bags will also be non compete, you will be the only business in your category.

Here are a couple of fun ideas for you to brainstorm on how you will use this opportunity to recruit people to your team.

  • Join brochure
  • Incentives
  • Compensation plan on one side of a post card and join my team with key points on the other side
  • What will you help do as a team leader
  • Recruiting games
  • Samples of what they will be selling

I am sure there are more ways that are fun and creative for you to take full advantage of this opportunity. Please share with us below other ideas.

So let’s get this recruiting project started. Click the button below to join in and grow your team.

How Many Recruiting bags
200 G.L.Recruiting bags $25.00 USD400 G.L Recruiting bags $50.00 USD


About Goody Lady Swag Gifts

Who is Goody Lady? Hello my name is Marilyn Arriaga. I am a mom to five children. We have two dogs and two bearded dragons. I am originally from Boston, Ma. I moved to Florida in September of 2009. Why did I create Goody Lady? Read below…

Goody Lady was created January of 2013. I created it because I have noticed that when I offered free gifts of samples to people I had a better connection with my customers. I get to see happier people when they receive a free Goody Lady bag. Since I was already creating Goody bags for my self to get my products into someone hands to experience them, I decided hey, let me get some other businesses to participate and give a goody bag receiver a great experience. Goody bag receivers get to experience and try different things. Many companies offer coupons for you to save on products and services that benefit you. Many people, myself included do not know what products and services are available. This is a great way to not just learn about new products and services, but to also try them before buying them. Once you try different products you learn how it will simplify your life. We are all so busy with life, it is hard to get to learn about new things.Goodie Bags

Can you do me a favor? I would like to hear from you what exactly do you like to find inside goody swag gift bags. Please help us with your feedback with this Fast Poll Thank you.

If you have questions, please post them below in the comments, I answer each one myself. If you have a question, others do too. By you taking that step to ask questions, and me answering them it helps others. Don’t forget to request your free Goody Lady gift.

So I want to hear from you. What do you think about this concept in general? From a business prespective, what are your thoughts? How would you use this service to benefit you? What about from a customer’s perspective, what would you getting a bag full of things you can use mean to you? What or how would you think of a business that participated to give you an experience with their products?

Request Your Free Goody Lady Gift Here Please

Vendors Needed for Tru Essence Event

Welcome to Goody Lady, thank you for checking out this post. I have an awesome opportunity for you to show off your products and services. Tru_Essence Events is having a very fun event. This means I am looking for vendors for this event to offer event attendees a fun Goody Lady Gift bag full of all things related to natural hair, and jewelry too.
Tru Essence
Below is the list of types of vendors I am looking for. I am accepting vendors to be included inside Goody Lady bags until June 1st 2013. There are a limited amount of spots available for Goody Lady bag inclusions, so be sure to fill out the form below, put in comment Tru_Essence Event so that you will be secured for this event. I will reply right back with your confirmation and where to send all items.
Because this is a natural hair event we would like to request that all vending products be related to:
Holistic Health
-Natural Beauty Products
-Natural Hair Products
-Hair Accessories
Please check which companies are not accepted and fill out the form below or the one found on the not accepted list,  to get started. Thank you.
If any vendors are interested in attending the cruise in order to have a space to vend their products at the 3 day Luxcruision Cruise to the Bahamas. Let us know if you would like more information on this. Please contact:

Online Form – Company Signup

Goody Lady Beginnings

I tested out Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags starting in October. I was only doing it for my other business called Spoil Yourself Boutique. I also got two of my friends to join in so they too can also get others to learn about what they offer.

So I created some fun small treat bags. These treat bags had some chocolate, hard candies and a Scentsy wax sample along with a chalk poem with a piece of chalk and a sample of Lemon Grass soap. So with three different companies, I was able to fill these cute little Halloween treat bags with some goodies and some samples for people to try out. It was fun creating them and even more of a blast to hand each Goody Lady Treat bag out at an event held at UNO’s October of 2012.

Each time I handed a bag of treats to someone and I watched their face light up with happiness I just knew that it was the perfect thing to do, it is fun to do and I can help other businesses grow. I am already doing it for myself, why not offer it to other businesses, and make money while connecting a business to a prospect and more importantly just plain old have fun filling someone’s day with a little happiness.

I was not just handing these out at an event, I was also doing it while doing daily activities like going through a drive through, at a store and handing the cashier a fun treat bag. One day I handed a wonderful women a treat bag and she just lit right up. It was nine in the morning and I ordered a coffee, I saw she was stressed, so I said while handing her a treat bag, “here don’t be so hard on yourself and beat yourself up. Things will get better”, and I was giving her a friendly smile, she reached over to me and gave me this big hug! I hugged back, she said “wow thank you so much, no one just hands free goodies to anyone or says thank you. I must look terrible and you can see that I am having the most horrible day.” She said “Thank you, you have made my day” Did I mention it was only NINE AM! I hope she had a better day after that.

Goody Lady

Right then and there, I just knew exactly what I wanted and need to do. I want to make someone’s day!

Vendors Needed for Reunion

Welcome to Goody Lady, I am so glad you stopped by this post. I am looking for vendors for this amazing event. This is open to all vendors, and this event is right around the corner.  Please head over to Companies and Vendors page and get the form filled in, I will email you right back with confirmation and get your payment. Get your items in to me as quickly as possible so I can get the Goody Lady Gift bags ready for this amazing event.

Vietnam and ALL Veterans, active duty, reserve REUNION and have around 20k attend April 25-28 Wickham Park Brevard County Florida, and its FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.

AVET Project

I hope you can come on out as well to the event and show your support as well. The flyer above gives you more information about this event and other events that follow. If you want to do more than The Reunion event, please let me know so I can get you set up with that too.

Vendors Needed for Mother’s Day Gifts

Hello welcome to Goody Lady. We offer the best Goody Lady swag gift bags ever! Our gift bags are full of things for prospects to experience and learn about a product or service, you can also find coupons and other great ways for prospects  to save time, money, and gas too. Let’s make Mother’s Day 2013 one that MOM will not forget in a long time.

Join our special Mother’s Day Themed Goody Lady Gift bags.

Does your company offer products and services just for moms, including moms to be? Well let’s show moms all over the United States that you have an amazing product or service to help them through their day-to-day activities. Show them how you can help simplify their life, then they have more time to be a mom. Offer them coupons, samples, trial or full-sized items, even offer them handy gadgets with your logo on them.  Here is a bigger list of suggestions too. Moms can use so many things to ease their frustration of day-to-day tasks.

Who can you reach by joining the Mother’s Day themed Goody Lady bags?

  • Pregnant women
  • New moms
  • Moms who are or who have adopted
  • Moms  in general

Now let’s put together some amazing companies who offer products like,  and this is a very short list of possibilities!

There, that is a short list of things moms can use, although they can certainly benefit from many other different types of products and services. Let’s honor moms this Mother’s Day and give them a great gift to remember you by.  Are you a mom and reading this post? Please share what it is that YOU can use from a company whether it be a service or product. Let’s hear what you would love to get as a mom. Something that is specific to you for you to personally use, or even something you can use with your family.

How will Goody Lady Mother’s Day gift bags be distributed?

~ I advertise in many areas like of course all social medias, blogs, websites, word of mouth, daycare, schools, play-groups, and  business cards are just a few ways I use to get your company directly into MOMS hands.

Don’t forget that I am still running a sale please check out this post This weeks sale, well it was last weeks but I am extending it for this week too due to the great amount of interest.  Plus I want to offer moms a great gift just for them.

Companies please fill out form below to get started. Hurry Mother’s Day is fast approaching.

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This Quarter’s Non Profit Fundraising Choices

Hello and welcome to Goody Lady! Thank you for taking the time to come here and vote for your choice of different charities , causes and non profits. I really want to bring awareness to them all year-long. Their fundraising needs are not a one day, month-long or week-long event. They need our help all year round You can help by making purchases, volunteering and donating as well.

Every quarter you the readers and supporters of Goody Lady will be contributing and helping show love, support and help with funds as well.  How will this work? I am looking for your help in nominating different charities and non profits. Please comment below with who you would like to see funds being raised for.

For every single purchase you make here with Goody Lady a portion of the proceeds will go towards the charity or non-profit that got the highest votes at the end of the quarter. I will post updates on how much has been raised. You will find the raised funds amount in the top right corner sidebar of this blog.  Please feel free to post a comment to add your choice of charities and non profits.  Charity or non profits must be in the United States

Polls close on these dates. Most voted for will be announced as the receiving charity or non-profit on the same day.

April 30 2013, August 30 2013, December 2013

I will Post a picture of the check which displays the charity or non profits name, date of the check and more importantly how much you have helped raised by being a Goody Lady participant.

How much of your purchase will be donated to the charity or non-profit that won the vote? From EACH purchase made,  Goody Lady will donate 5% from EACH purchase. These funds raised will go towards the non-profit or charity. I will keep the amount raised visible on my top right sidebar.

Please vote below. Thank you