Thank you for allowing Goody Lady to be in your life whether you have received a goody swag gift bag or participated as a company, event planner or non-profit. We would love to hear all about your entire experience.

The most powerful marketing tool in business is credibility. One of the easiest ways to build credibility is to get testimonials. One of the easiest ways to get testimonials is to simply ask for them.

Some things you can share with us are, but not limited to:

When you came here or heard of Goody Lady in general, what did you think?

Were you a business, non-profit or did you receive Goody Lady bags.

How many companies, including non profits did you find in your bag? Did you think it was enough, not enough or too much?

Please share your experiences with what you found in the bag.

If you received your Goody Lady bag in person, how was that experience?

Were the items you found inside useful? What would you like to see added? What would you rather not receive?

As a business, please let us know how this is working for you and helping you.

How did people react when they received a Goody Lady gift bag at your event?

This is a short list of things to help us with to make your experience a fun and memorable one.

Please help us grow by sharing, commenting and liking posts. Thank you again. Please accept my virtual hug from me to you.

Thank you for helping us serve the community and for helping us create fun, useful, creative and memorable Goody Lady bags!

Can you please head over to Can You Describe Me post and help me with four simple and fast questions. Thank you.

thank you card

For the business owners who have participated, here is one for you too.

business thank you card


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