Where Is Goody Lady

Hello and I want to welcome you to Goody Lady’s world. I want to let you know about some events where my Goody Lady Swag Gift Bags will be found. Some of these events I will personally be attending, other events are where Goody Lady bags will be featured.

As a vendor you have the choice to choose which event(s) you would like to target your market. I want you to have the confidence of allowing Goody Lady to represent you and your products to your most ideal customers. As a vendor you can also choose which categories as well. This will really help you get laser focused on your targeted market. This allows you to grab your niche market or even target a brand new set of unique people.  Please click on any of the links below to check out the event and see if you want to target a certain event or participate in a general market, not specific to an event.

Are you holding an event, know of one or will be attending  one? I would love to help you create a successful, fun and memorable event. Having Goody Lady bags at your event or party is an added bonus that attracts more people to your event but people will remember it was a great experience and will attend more of your events. Please check this Event Planners page out to learn more

Please keep checking back as more events are added, I am currently looking for and booking more events. If you have an event that you would like me to provide Goody Lady Gift bags, I would be happy to do so. I do all the work, please check out my Event Planners page.

APRIL 2013

Nana’s House 4/11/13

Tru_Essence Event 8/13  

AVET Project  multiple events from April through December

Mother’s Day

Past Events

Elite Fitness Center’s Tots to Teens event.

Shore Lanes Bowling Tournament


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